BOUNTY: We Need a Copy of the Interview Everyone Else read

I’ve become convinced that America Magazine is playing a dirty trick on us. I’ve been reading this interview. From that, I wrote these articles: last Friday about tribalism, and this past Monday on Pope-a-mania.

Apparently, our guest author Major Frey and Mr. DeJak were given the same interview as I saw, so America Magazine was able to figure out that we’d talk to each other directly and so they made sure we all saw the same copy. Meanwhile, they slipped the “OTHER COPY” to some other people.

Yet, I’ve read so many articles this week that complain that Pope Francis is ambiguous, that he is destroying the pro life movement, and that bad people will twist the interview to undermine good people that I’ve grown convinced that these people are reading an entirely different interview (the “OTHER COPY”). Thus, this whole thing must be a plot by America Magazine! (we have to blame them because they are “liberal”, right?) They are giving two different interviews out! One interview to these people who claim to be injured (the “OTHER COPY”), and another interview to people like me, who think Pope Francis is doing well.

It’s clear that America Magazine is trying to make us look bad. They gave us a fake interview wherein Pope Francis is concerned for souls, seems to understand the condition of the Church, explains that authoritarianism (like that of the Marxists) is not the Catholic tradition, and talks about a number of interesting literary thing (forgiving him for not preferring Tchaikovsky to Mozart). The REAL INTERVIEW, the “OTHER COPY” has a dastardly, mean, anti-Catholic rant or something in it. I don’t know, because I haven’t seen it. I’ve just read other people’s description of it this week. Apparently, he said some really bad things and stepped on some Catholics, and told everyone else to make fun of them or something. (*ahem*)

About the bad people using it to twist the faith, though — since when is that new? They did that with precisely worded Papal documents like Humanae Vitae, and several others, right? So, what’s the problem? Bad people do bad things. Somehow, people think the Pope is helping them. (?)

So, I offer a bounty of a Hail Mary to whoever can get me a copy of the interview all those other people are reading.

Last time I checked, there is fraud, lies, cheating, error, and nine other commandments to boot beyond abortion and contraception. If everyone in the Church was exclusively focused on merely one commandment, the other nine could run rampant and destroy us. After all, there’s so many homilies and lectures on telling the truth that Pope Francis could tell everyone to cool it, right? And, people are so clear on understanding the Sacraments that we don’t need anyone to explain them, right?

That’s why there’s no controversy over the Real Presence, Communion in the Hand, altar girls, everyone chants the Mass as they ought (as opposed to reading it), there are no Extraordinary Minister abuses after that document from 1997, and there’s no issue with people genuflecting and signing themselves as they ought during Mass, right?

I heard there’s so many people coming back to confession that they have to offer 47 minutes on Saturday afternoon now instead of 45 in most parishes, too.

So there’s not really any reason for Pope Francis to say we should look at stuff beyond abortion, is there?

Meanwhile, in between tracking down a copy of the other Papal interview, check out that chastity begins with telling the truth, and don’t forget to sign our petition for the campaign for Humanae Vitae.

Now, we need to figure out how America Magazine chose to whom they would give these different copies of the Pope’s Interview! It must be their fault, right?



n.b. I’m assuming it’s painfully apparent that my tongue is firmly in my cheek…  but given what I’m reading elsewhere, I really am convinced that they read a different interview than the one I read…

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