China and Forced Abortion Forced Chen From NYU

Steve Mosher, president of the Population Research Institute, recounts how he was fired from Stanford some thirty years ago for revealing the atrocious forced-abortion policy of the Communist Chinese government.

Now Chen Guansheng, who was welcomed to New York University with considerable fanfare just months ago, has been quietly shown the door because of the university’s fear that the Chinese government will retaliate.

When I worked for Senator Jesse Helms, I learned of Mosher’s departure fro Stanford and started to track him down. Within weeks, Senator Helms called for hearings into the US government’s role — even its support! — in the forced abortion program.

Ever since, mentored by Father Paul Marx, OSB, Mosher has led the fight to de-fund all US and UN programs that subsidize China’s gruesome policy.

Gruesome? You bet. A top Chinese official bragged not long ago that, without the program, there would be 400 **million** more Chinese.

To put it more plainly, the Chinese Communist government has proudly killed 400 million of its own citizens since 1980 — more than Mao!

So-called “independent” US universities pretend to celebrate “academic freedom” when they outlaw Christianity on campus, but they quickly bend their knee to the totalitarians, at home and abroad.

Pray for the Christians in China – and for all the Chinese, who must live with this scar forever they see their families disintegrate – no brothers and sisters, no cousins, and — alas — millions of girls lost to sex-selection abortions every year.

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Christopher Manion

  • Janet Baker says:

    China is in terrible trouble now because of its policy! By 2050 they will have only two workers supporting every retiree. Jonathan Last, in his “What to Expect When No One’s Expecting: America’s Coming Democraphic Disaster” speculates whether China will kill its old people then. And how surprising would it be, since they do not regret the killing of those 400 million infants.

    Nor do we in the US mourn the murder of our 55 million. And Last says that we have an unofficial but equally powerful One Child policy, too. Anyone who has kept vigil outside an abortion clinic on a Saturday morning can certainly attest to the ‘forced’ part. Woman are being forced to abort here and you can watch it happen. I fear they are already tooling up to kill the elderly here as well. Their complete inability to address the ‘pension problem,’ which is a birth problem, ought to confirm our intuition of death squads.

  • Not to mention the disparity of men to women, due to gender based discrimination.

  • Don’t forget Heritage Foundation’s Conservative Jim DeMint’s lack of spine.

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