China and Forced Abortion Forced Chen From NYU

By Christopher Manion / June 19, 2013 /

Steve Mosher, president of the Population Research Institute, recounts how he was fired from Stanford some thirty years ago for revealing the atrocious forced-abortion policy of the Communist Chinese government. Now Chen Guansheng, who was welcomed to New York University with considerable fanfare just months ago, has been quietly shown the door because of the…

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Pope Francis – The View From Argentina

By Christopher Manion / March 15, 2013 /

My friend and former neighbor here in Virginia, Carlos Casorosendi, has two very informative articles with helpful insights about Pope Francis. From the first: “Francis will be more apt to kiss the wounds of the leper on the road to Assisi than to have his ring kissed. He is likely to ascend on the feast…

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Two Good Reads

By Christopher Manion / March 15, 2013 /

Father George Rutler’s article on the Transfiguration of the Church is brilliant. It’s sure to become a classic. And our friend Pat Buchanan comments today on the new pope with his usual insights into the hostile and malevolent secular culture of the postmodern West.

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From Under the Rubble…The Clintons: Cause and Effect

By Christopher Manion / February 3, 2013 /

During his years in the White House, Bill Clinton’s “boiler room” brought damage control to a new level. His serial scandals — their number is legion – elicited a constant symphony of denial — kind of like Ravel’s Bolero. James Carville and Paul Begala – Clinton’s Bolero Brothers — reacted to every allegation with feigned…

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From Under the Rubble…Hoaxes and Hokum

By Christopher Manion / January 24, 2013 /

The sad specter of deception that is haunting my alma mater, Notre Dame, these days brings to mind another hoax, more disastrous by far than a college football hero’s “imaginary girlfriend.” The nation is about to celebrate (or not) the tenth anniversary of Colin Powell’s infamous testimony before the United Nations Security Council, delivered on…

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From Under the Rubble…Can You See the Baby?

By Christopher Manion / December 19, 2012 /

Another December, another War on Christmas. Every Advent, it seems, we must slog through a barrage of anti-Christmas noise commandeered by the usual suspects. Full of sound and fury, they engage in a grotesque and painful pirouette with spineless officials and misguided judges to cleanse any remaining whiff of religion from public life. The all-too…

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Does Contraception Help, Or Hurt, The Poor?

By Christopher Manion / December 15, 2012 /

The Witherspoon Institute has an important three part series that begins by looking at the Contraceptive Mandate, and then moves more deeply to address the persuasive task that confronts us in the culture: given that the formidable evidence documenting the destructive nature of contraception is on our side, how do we turn the tide? A…

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From Under the Rubble…Les Faux Femmes

By Christopher Manion / December 8, 2012 /

“Michelle Obama to receive a Grammy!” “Hillary in 2016!” “Michelle a favorite for Illinois Senate Race!” It never ends. It’s amazing how these anti-family heroines can sashay down the Capital’s Catwalks, pretending that they “earned it” – when in fact they rose to fame not on their competence (dubious at best) but clinging to their…

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From Under the Rubble…A Time for Truth–Beyond Politics

By Christopher Manion / December 1, 2012 /

Before the election, American bishops were united more than ever before in defending the First Amendment rights of Catholics from the Obama Administration’s frontal attack. But barely a fortnight passed before the bishops conference lapsed back into its divisive left-wing mode, calling for higher taxes, massive government spending, and other Democrat Party priorities. Is this…

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