Does Contraception Help, Or Hurt, The Poor?

The Witherspoon Institute has an important three part series that begins by looking at the Contraceptive Mandate, and then moves more deeply to address the persuasive task that confronts us in the culture: given that the formidable evidence documenting the destructive nature of contraception is on our side, how do we turn the tide?

A very helpful aspect is her argument that contraception programs hurt the poor the most (we all know that abortionists target the poor, especially minorities).

The author, Helen Alvaré, has in interesting background, with ten years at the USCCB’s tiny pro-life office and ten more teaching law, first at Catholic U and (now) George Mason. Her argument parallels that of Mary Eberstadt’s Adam And Eve After The Pill, but focuses more on policy and political implications, while Eberstadt emphasizes how social science – much of it conducted by atheists – redeems the prophetic vision of Pope Paul VI in Humanae Vitae.

All in all, a must read.

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