Cupich prepares for Mandarin Rule, Santos Marto Says We are Lunatics, Wuhan Coronavirus

When I was in school for Chemical Engineering, I was presented with two options: Japanese or German. You could be an engineer just fine in just English, but if you wanted to have an edge, the largest repositories of work outside were in Germany and Japan. I could see the writing on the wall even back then, however. In my graduate lab, there were Greeks and Chinese. I saw perhaps a few Japanese, but scanning the other schools showed a disproportionate amount of Greek and Chinese names. Maybe a third were Americans (judging by the names). Indians, it seemed at that time, preferred Civil and Computer engineering.

The contrast with the rest of the world surprised me, though. Everyone else was speaking about the future being Spanish. Learning Spanish was becoming a trend. As the years went by, even our Bishops began to hint at the future of the Church being Spanish. I saw all the tools of finance and manufacturing going to China, though. I also saw that chemical engineering wasn’t really important in America anymore — we sent all that to China. And no one was noticing, in fact, they seemed to be encouraging it. By the time I was out of law school, everyone had firmly embraced our Spanish language future as inevitable. Not me. I could see where the money went. So while everyone would discuss learning Spanish, I used to joke that I wanted to be around the executive offices in the future, so I was betting on Mandarin instead.

Everyone else, it seemed to me, was looking at the situation with myopia. They could see an influx of Spanish speakers, but they could not see the apparent trends.

In Detente with the Devil and Stagnation of the Church…, I discussed this myopic view of the bishops. While there was once a priest sitting across from me praising the male dinners at a parish, and how they were going out of their way to catechize in Spanish, I could think of nothing other than my classmates, the majority of whom are no longer practicing Catholics… abandoned by the shepherds and left to the wolves. It is the same problem: spiritual myopia.

Cardinal Antonio dos Santos Marto’s Myopia Over the Wuhan Coronavirus

I saw the other day that Cardinal Antonio Santos Marto — he’s over Fatima — was interviewed regarding our times. Naturally, it’s in Spanish (the future, you know). Google translate helped me figure out what it says. Notably, in one place, the Cardinal mentioned that he is confined to home. But, unlike us, he is able to celebrate Sunday Mass. Speaking on the virus, it gets myopic when he calls out those who view being without the Sacraments a punishment as being lunatics:

“(To say that the coronavirus is a punishment from God) is not Christian. Only those who do not have in their minds or hearts the true image of God Love and Mercy revealed in Christ, due to ignorance, sectarian fanaticism or madness”

Card. Santos Marto, Religion Digital interview, 14 April 2020 (link above – English translated by Google translate).

Color me speaking “not Christian” then when I tied together the source of the virus to the site of the first martyrdom in China. I’ll just take my grade school level Mandarin and stay at home… oh wait. I haven’t been able to go to Mass. The majority of readers haven’t either. The Cardinal, it seems, is unable to see what is happening right under his nose.

I can explain his myopia with his other quotes, though. Rather than having a focus on the sacraments and access to grace for the flock, his is talking some Marxist Globalist baloney… I’m sorry, that would sound like Moaist Chinese propaganda, wouldn’t it? But he’s speaking in Spanish (the future). See what he thinks the virus means:

“The pandemic leaves bare the fragility and vulnerability of the human condition, made us aware that we are a single vulnerable humanity and that we are called to be more supportive”

“It requires rethinking the financial and economic system to achieve more justice and eliminate the flagrant inequality between the world’s rich minority and the majority of the poor and discarded, more care for the common home through an integral ecology, more fraternity and solidarity among the individuals and peoples, a more responsible citizenship “

Card. Santos Marto, Religion Digital interview, 14 April 2020 (link above – English translated by Google translate).

I think perhaps the Cardinal fails to see the world order enveloping him. That Mandarin future appears to have been derailed. Somebody should translate the news into Spanish for him. Meanwhile, the rest of us are without access to the Sacraments. We see a chastisement and obvious punishment. Like a good Marxist, however, he wants you to see 2+2 as 7, not 4.

Worse, for a shepherd familiar with Fatima to not mention the loss of Mass, loss of Holy Communion, and fail to exhort people to say their rosaries… Rough day in Portugal.

This is a shepherd, a Cardinal. He says I’m a lunatic and “not christian” for stating the obvious: closing the sacraments and preventing the sheep from being with God in the sacraments is a punishment. It’s not a chance to gaze into my bellybutton and picture marxist utopia. Whatever else it is, it isn’t nice to have Our Lord taken from us this way.

Cupich Coddles the Mandarin Chinese Selection

I have to hand it to Cardinal Cupich. Much like myself, he saw the unfolding of a Mandarin Global new order and was proactive to be highly favored! Much like the list of governors maintained by Chinese politicians, it would appear the Cardinal Cupich was jockeying to be regarded as a “favorable” in the Chinese-State-maintained list of potential state-appointed prelates. This would be very important if or when China took over the U.S. Then, bishops here would be selected as they are in China today — by nomination from the State.

You see, news circulating today is taking after him for decorating the dragon costume at Chinese New Years back in January 2020. Sadly, some are reporting this as a new event — that he was doing his own Pachamama ceremony of idolatry for Chicago.

I looked around, however, and this wasn’t new. He’s done this before — even back in 2016. Here’s pictures from 2016 in the Chicago Tribune:

Image from 2016 by the Chicago Tribune reporting on the ceremony Cupich engaged for Chinese New Year

So, this year’s sudden notice is surprising to me. See, for instance, this post on title “Pachamama 2.0”.

It’s not fake news… it’s just old news. Complicit Clergy is perhaps disappointing because they did not pick up that he’s done this every year now. Instead, they have an article today WATCH: Cardinal Cupich Performs ‘Sky Idol’ Ritual.

Look, I know it is bad, but I’m surprised nobody took the time to see that Cardinal Cupich has been preparing for the Mandarin future, going as far back as 2016. That everyone is getting the “scoop” this year and proclaiming it idolatry. Where have they been for the past five years?

If, as my lunatic ravings (thanks, Card. Marto) in the An Easter without Mass in Church: Coronavirus Wuhan post (seeing it as a chastisement) pointed out: We were likely headed towards the Chinese takeover that has been predicted and discussed. Worse, I think years ago people almost accepted the eventual Chinese takeover as fate accompli done. Had we gone there, then Chinese authorities, per the Vatican deal, would be “recommended” by the Chinese state. Why wouldn’t Cardinal Cupich want to be viewed favorably in that inevitable regime?

UPDATE: A friend pointed out that Cupich was protege to Cardinal McCarrick who architected the Vatican-China deal. So it seems Cupich has reason to be so prescient…

I think Cupich has better vision than Cardinal Marto…

Too bad neither of them can see what is happening, though.

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!

Our Lady of Peking, Empress of China, pray for us!

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