Cupich Skips to Pilarczyk’s Beat: A Guide to Patiently Wait for Apocalypse.

Years ago, a Cincinnati radio station WVXU used to play golden age of radio shows on Saturdays. Often, between errands, I’d catch these shows, and one that would catch my attention over time was Fibber McGee and Mollie. Invariably, in nearly every show, he’d have to venture down the hall to get something from the closet, and the noise was apparent that things always fell out. Even though you always knew what was going to happen, it would start making me laugh before it even happened. So it is when you know, you can predict, and the prediction sets up the humor. I’ve gotten to this point with Cardinal Cupich media interviews. I know what’s going to happen, but I still relish seeing it every time! He just spills out stuff like things falling from Fibber’s closet.

So it was this past week when a friend alerted me to an interview in America Magazine featuring what was reported to be a half hour interview in Cupich’s downtown office. I knew before I even clicked the link that, just like Fibber McGee’s closet, the same stuff was going to fall out! Much like being fixated on an impending train wreck, I had to see it though!

Before I get to the interview, there’s another trend that reminds me of Cupich. It’s the old record that gets stuck skipping. I hope most readers have experienced the feeling of this — perhaps you had an LP playing familiar music in the past, to the point where you were lost in your mind on something and only after a while might you have noticed that the same phrase gets repeated… gets repeated… get repeated. Lately, the music industry has been reporting that LP sales are at an all time high. Perhaps more people, even the young who are fascinated with LPs know what this is like… as the skipping happens, there is a moment of confusion as the mind tries to grasp how long it’s been happened and how to make it stop. Movies sometimes use this metaphor to invoke the same thing and will have an LP skipping. So it is with Cupich… So it is with us listening to the Synodal journey baloney today also… So it is with us listening to the Synodal journey baloney today also… So it is with us listening to the Synodal journey baloney today also…

I finally had to experience the closet opening moment and clicked on the interview… it did not disappoint. The thing is nothing other than Cardinal Cupich waxing poetic in his Pilarczyk-esque style. Someone quipped long ago that Cupich is like a bad copy of Pilarczyk, because he cannot articulate as cleanly as could the erstwhile champion of alter girls, a priest-less communion service lead by female “presiders,” and “advancement of the laity.” But he does it anyway, like a bootleg LP of Pilarczyk that just keeps skipping and repeating. He does add his own “flair” to the repetition which makes it a lot like that Fibber McGee show – and this one does not disappoint.

It’s a shame that America did not provide audio or video because there is a priceless quote that I know would be worthy of a place on the soundboard, as the article reports:

“I think that we have to be attentive to the fact, as the pope has said, that God is full of surprises,” Cardinal Cupich said. “And I want to be surprised. I like surprises.”

The way they have typed it omits the pauses and uhh sounds that make for such great clips from Cupich. You know, uhhh… he was appointed by three popes, [nod] … not just Francis.

The rest of the article bears out the Pilarczyk quip: it’s about women in the Church (i.e. women priests, like the female “presiders”) and these inductive quotes that reveal the Alinsky-style attacks. Pilarczyk was very adept at advancing excluded middle fallacies with such rhetorical force that most people in the wake of the deadpan wave would just nod. With Cupich, however, you get some better clues. For instance, I love this myth Cupich propounds to the writer as an attempt to explain why people are resisting the destruction of traditional Latin Mass availability:

“It’s because the liturgy is the vehicle by which the full teachings of the church are being accepted by people today,”

The fallacy is called the “excluded middle” because the erroneous assertions are not spoken. Cupich appears to be saying that people who want the traditional Latin Mass reject the full teachings of the Church. He also appends the myth that they reject Vatican II, and then later in the interview stacks up that Pope John Paul II wanted this, so they implicitly reject him also. Error on error here. Lest he forget that Pope John Paul II issued Ecclesia Dei by which an implicit right to enjoy the Mass of the Ages was reaffirmed in the face of strident bishops (Judases) who thought otherwise. For Cupich, though, given that he apparently, as it appears to me, selects only those facts that matter to his mythology, it’s a nice smug place from which to throw these stones, because it sounds like he’s just keeping with the full teachings of the Church (and with Pope John Paul II). This facade of utmost fidelity is not without apparent defect, though.

He’ll Decide For You (as well as speak for you)

Let’s recall that Cupich rejected such basic concepts of moral theology as informed consent when he mandated the experimental jab – a move that allegedly required civil attorneys to get reversed. Whether he thought this experiment was effective or not, you cannot substitute your judgement of informed consent for another. But he did. Just as he substitutes his erroneous judgements of Latin Mass motives for those of the people. Just as he paints them as somehow rejecting full teaching of the Church.

We should also recall that two Chicago priests were arrested for public indecency after engaging in lewd acts with each other in a parked car in Miami in view of the police officer. As I understand it, and based on information and belief, both of those priests are were quickly restored to active public ministry in Chicago. It’s much like the time at the Josephinum where Cupich, Pilarczyk, and Bernadin could rub elbows. One ex-seminarian’s first hand reports allege Cupich to be soft on some aspects of Church teaching, and very harsh to believers in the full teachings of the Church. But more recent examples demonstrate this better. For instance, although there could be little doubt about those two priests, the allegations against Fr. Philips of Cantius were carried as if they had the weight of Gospel truth, and he is still not welcome in Chicago. Just paying attention to who gets whacked and who gets mercy is enough to inform of the rules being applied. I think Our Lord refers to this as fruit of the tree. But this is not limited to priests, considering the other activities.

If forcing people to inject experimental materials into their bodies in order to keep their jobs was instead a liturgical mandate, it would be called “unity” in the parlance of AmChurch today. There’s nothing left for discussion, he leaves no chance of talking it out. Ironically, Cupich’s interview spends a fair amount of time propounding on the merits of keeping Catholics united and “sure that people stay at the table and keep talking.” It’s empty talk, however, much like padlocking a Latin Mass parish on Good Friday in order to prevent the parishioners thereof from entering on Good Friday, (also see the exact quotes on this post) he’s already spoken for you and determined what he wants you to do. There is no “dialogue” here except for the press release wherein he drops more excluded middles. In Sioux Falls, he said the padlocked church was “an invitation to worship together in unity with him.”

Such an “invitation” is like saying that the dead horse head left in the bed of Movie Director Woltz in the Godfather was “an invitation to unity with the Corleones.” I’m sure that the quip was delivered to the newspaper writer with that same smile and nod and several uhhs. That’s where it is really interesting, though, because Cupich explains that “anytime language comes across as hurtful to people, the church has an obligation to examine that.” Cupich is agreeing sideways with McElroy that calling sodomy “objectively disordered” is harsh and needs reworded. It’s not what you say, you see, but how you say it. I would like to agree, because “invitation to unity” sounds much nicer and less “cold, calculating, and harsh” as padlocking parishioners out of their church. Too bad I can’t see how the words make any difference, though. The padlock is the same whatever we call it. Same with objectively disordered acts.

The late Fr. O’Conner, a Dominican from Chicago, comes to mind. You see, he preached at a parish in Chicago — not too far from the one that had the rainbow flag – that the contraceptive pill worked as an abortifacient. In response to speaking this basic truth, Bernadin banned him from public ministry in Chicago. But the rainbow flags and public displays of disordered acts were ignored. Time has proven the plethora of “objectively disordered” acts Bernadin ignored, especially to the tune that for a time in Chicago there was one priest leaving the priesthood per week. Cupich is late to the game. Back when Pilarczyk and Bernadin were the broken records, they had opposition from the Holy Father. Today, the opposite because it certainly seems that the Holy Father is encouraging these things!

The broken record keeps skipping probably much the same today as it did when they were trying to build the tower of Babel. Just when they thought they were done, the God of Surprises surprised them, didn’t He? In an instant, no more tower. Surprise! So I think it will be for the builders today. It looks like occasion for all smiles for the modernists, and they are resorting to force thinking they are almost done… they e almost complete their tower of modernism atop of which they are Gods. Yes, I like surprises too. Our Lord has already told us that the Immaculate Heart of Mary will triumph in this mess. I imagine it will be very much a surprise for them!

Meanwhile, we wait patiently, as did those who mourned Lazarus… They had to wait so long that Lazarus was decaying and stunk! The stink has definitely been pouring out of the closet of modernism and I think the broken record is ripe to be fixed…

It was Fr. O’Conner who saw that the message of Akita was warning us that we’d be punished with clergy who lost the gift of faith. That souls consecrated to Our Lady would be scorned and attacked. And that the Heavenly Father indeed has a surprise in store for them. Lord, have mercy on us. It’s stinking worse than the decaying corpse of Lazarus down here. But just as you did with him, so can you do with this mess of a Church today!

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