Joseph’s Obedience – Christmas Meditation Day 25 (Jan 18)

Joseph’s Obedience

Watercolor image by James Tissot showing Joseph guide the Blessed Mother and Baby Jesus through the desert

Obediently, Joseph immediately complied with the angel’s command and made the trip to Egypt


1.  No such questioning as we have supposed in our last meditation ever occurred to St.Joseph’s mind.  His duty, his pleasure, was to hear and to obey.  Not a moment did he lose.  He roused his virgin-spouse and told her what they had to do, and ere morning dawned, they had left Bethlehem far behind. 

2.  Yet there was no hurry or bustle or undue haste in the preparation they made; no rushing to and fro, no impatience, not a movement but such as was calm and deliberate, modest and dignified.  It is one of the marks of sanctity to have thus under control every look and every action.  How can I stand this test?  When time presses, or my indignation is aroused, or my patience tried, am I gentle and peaceful and calm?  

3.  Observe, moreover, how there is not a single word of complaint or of grumbling, no expression of annoyance or word of mutual commiseration.  Each seeks to lighten the work of the other.  How cheerful both Mary and Joseph are!  Almost joyous.  It is a trial; yes, but more for the sake of the Divine Child than for their own.  Even the thought of what Jesus may have to suffer never destroys their peace.  O happy Joseph!  O blessed Mary!  make me more like you.



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