The Perils of the Way – Christmas Meditation Day 26 (Jan 19)

The Perils of the Way

1.  Out into the darkness of the night went Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.  Can these homeless wanderers really be the three whose value in the eyes of Heaven made all the rest of the world insignificant as a grain of sand compared with a continent?  Yes, this is God’s way of treating those whom He loves best.  Herod, in his luxurious palace, is feasting and revelling in luxury and ease: Jesus, Mary, and Joseph are outcasts from their home, shivering in the cold and stormy night.  How foolish, then, to desire ease and comfort, or to regret the hardships and disagreeables that befall me!  

2.  Whither were they going?  To Egypt, along an unknown road to a distant and idolatrous country; not knowing the way, not knowing how long they should find subsistence from day to day.  What was the trial of Abraham compared with this?  He went forth with an escort of servants and camels, and with tents and a store of good things for the way; the Divine Son of God and His parents, empty-handed and alone.  Compassionate the Holy Family in their sufferings by the way. 

3.  What were those sufferings?  Often they knew not where to lay their heads, and had to sleep under the starry sky.  Often they had to beg their bread.  Sometimes they were in danger from the rough banditti who infested the road.  Sometimes the wild beasts howled around them.  This is a model of the life of the Christian: sometimes deprived of all spiritual sustenance and of all human consolation; sometimes fiercely attacked by men, sometimes by evil passions and the rage of Satan; yet always safe under the watchful care of God.


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