The Long Waiting – Christmas Meditation Day 28 (Jan 21)

The Long Waiting

1.  For seven long years the Holy Family remained in the land of Egypt.  From day to day they knew not whether they were to spend all their days in banishment, far from the dear land of Israel, or to return thither it might be on the morrow; yet no shade of impatience ever marred the perfection of their peace and resignation to the will of God.  How different from myself, who am so anxious and troubled about the future!  

2.  During all this time St. Joseph supported his holy spouse and the Infant Jesus by working at his trade of a carpenter.  They often felt the pinch of poverty, but never wanted for bread.  God forsakes not His own, though He sometimes tries them to the very edge of their powers of endurance.  He will not forsake me if I put my trust in Him. 

3.  How little the people of Egypt knew Who it was that dwelt for these long years amongst them!  If they had known it, they would eagerly have cast aside their idols, and thrown themselves at the feet of the King of heaven and earth.  So if those outside the Catholic Church knew that on every altar God Himself dwells in the Blessed Sacrament, how they would come in crowds to make their humble submission to Him!  Hence teach a great charity to those outside the Church of Christ.  It is often ignorance, not malice, that stands in the way of their conversion.


Painting of the Holy family in a courtyard in Egypt being served bowls from Egyptians

The Holy Family being served by Egyptians.


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