The Return Home – Christmas Meditation Day 29 (Jan 22)

The Return Home

1.  At length, when it seemed as if God had almost forgotten His well-beloved Son, the summons came to return to the land of Israel.  An angel appeared to Joseph with the welcome news that those who had sought the life of Jesus were dead, and that therefore they might go back in safety.  Those who are willing to wait are sure to obtain their desires.  It is impatience and the restless desire for immediate relief that leads to so many disappointments.  In the things of God, as in all else, it is those who wait who win. 

2.  How full of joy were the hearts of Joseph and Mary as they neared once more their native land!  Like all the saints, they had an intense love for their country and their people and their home.  Holy indifference does not mean that we have no natural affections for kindred and for fatherland, but that those affections are entirely subordinate to the will of God. 

3.  If the people of Egypt knew not that their God was dwelling among them, they knew that they had amongst them those who were the special friends of God.  Mary and Joseph had endeared themselves to all around by their gentleness, charity, patience, courtesy, humility, and thoughtful kindness to all.  To them how terrible a grief was the departure of the Holy Family!  Do I endear myself to those among whom I live?


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