March 14th — St. Joseph’s Fourth Sorrow.

14th Day. — St. Joseph’s Fourth Sorrow.

The Prophecy of Simeon.

1.  When the aged Simeon took into his arms the Infant Jesus, and gave thanks to God that he had at length seen the salvation of Israel, we are told that he blessed the little group before him.  But it was a strange benediction.  The Glory of Israel, the Light to lighten the Gentiles, was to be set for the fall of many of His people.  St. Joseph could scarce believe his ears at the unexpected words.  Was this to be the result of the Incarnation of the Son of God?  We little know the sorrows that God may have in store for us, the sudden blow that may unexpectedly light upon our head.

2.  This was not all.  Another clause in that strange blessing declared that the spotless Lamb of God should be a sign that should be contradicted.  What could there be in Him that should rouse ill-will, or opposition, or contradiction?  Had He not come to be the Saviour of mankind?  Were not His lips to be full of grace from the first day that He began to speak?  St. Joseph accepted with resignation the heartbreaking news.

3.  It was not only Jesus who was to suffer.  Mary’s heart was to be pierced through with a sword.  Her life was to be one continual sorrow.  She was to suffer with the sufferings of Jesus.  The tender, compassionate heart of Joseph was filled with fresh sorrow at the prospect of the anguish that was to overtake his holy spouse.  To sorrow with the sorrow of others assuages their grief.  It is this which will win for us a share in the joy that St. Joseph has in heaven.



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