March 15th — St. Joseph’s Fourth Joy.

15th Day. — St. Joseph’s Fourth Joy.

1.  As our blessed Lord was consoled during His sacred agony by a vision of the fruits of His Passion, in the happiness of the countless multitude of the redeemed, so St. Joseph was comforted in his sorrow for the coming sufferings of Jesus and Mary by knowing that the reconciliation to God of souls without number would be their recompense.  The knowledge of the work that Jesus was to accomplish in enabling millions to arise from their sins filled Joseph’s heart with sweetness and delight.  It is one of the marks of love to God that we rejoice in the spiritual good of others beyond all else.  Can I say that it is my greatest joy to hear of the advancing spiritual welfare of those with whom I am concerned?

2.  St. Joseph was himself to have no direct part in the divine work of expiation.  Jesus was to accomplish it, and Mary was to have her share, so far as mortal could.  Did Joseph rejoice the less because others were to do the work?  Not a whit; he desired simply that God’s glory and man’s good should be advanced.  How different am I, who am often jealous of others where I fail, and take little interest in any good work save that with which I am personally concerned!

3.  St. Joseph’s joy at the fruit of the sufferings of Jesus and Mary quite overpowered his sorrow at the fact of their having to suffer.  He estimated things at their true value, and though he grieved at the thought that God and His Mother were to suffer, yet he counted it a privilege for Christ as man to suffer, that as man He might receive that plentiful and overflowing reward that God gives to those who suffer for Him.



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