March 21st — St. Joseph’s Seventh Joy.

21st Day.— St. Joseph’s Seventh Joy.

The Finding of Jesus in the Temple among the Doctors.

1.  For three days Joseph had sought for Jesus, and at length, wearied out with the fruitless search, he and Our Lady betook themselves to the Temple, that there, before the mercy-seat, they might beg God to have mercy on them.  Here was true wisdom.  Why do we not imitate them in desolation?  In our temples we have not the symbolical presence of God, but God Himself, God Incarnate, waiting to listen to us.  Why do I not more often have recourse to Him?

2.  In one of the halls of the Temple they espied a group of old men gathered round a Boy, and absorbed in their conversation with Him.  In an instant Joseph recognized Him Whom they sought.  Now all his anxiety was at an end; the darkness of night was turned into the dazzling brightness of the glorious day.  So in an instant Jesus can work for us the same merciful change, and by His presence can turn all our darkness into light.

3.  What was Jesus doing?  He was listening to what the rabbis had to say about the Messias, putting questions to them which set them a-thinking whether the time had not come for His appearance, answering their questions with such supernatural wisdom that the old men sat there astonished, and, as it were, in a trance.  Jesus was anticipating His public ministry, beginning at that early age the work which He had come to accomplish.  So from the first He began His work within my soul, suggesting holy thoughts, pouring in heavenly wisdom.  Alas, how little have I learned His divine lessons!



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