March 29th — St. Joseph’s Happy Death.

29th Day.— St. Joseph’s Happy Death.

1.  Never to any of the children of men did death come so bereft of its terrors as to St. Joseph.  One who had lived so continually in the presence of his God had no cause to fear it.  One whose thoughts, aspirations, hopes, affections.  had always been in heaven, regarded death as a stepping-stone to his true home and to the presence of his God.  One on whose breast Jesus had nestled lovingly had already had a foretaste of paradise, and was absorbed by the longing desire to be there.  Have I the same reasons to welcome death?

2.  Yet if anyone ever had reason to dread the separation from earth, it was St. Joseph.  None ever left behind him wife or child who were a thousandth part as dear as Mary and Jesus were to Joseph.  Did it cost him nothing to say farewell?  No, for from Jesus he could never be separated; and if the veil of flesh prevented him for a short time from intercourse with his virgin spouse, yet they would soon meet in endless union before the throne of God.  The pain of separation disappeared at the thought of eternal bliss.  If the company of Jesus and Mary was so sweet on earth, what would it be in heaven?

3.  What a beautiful death was St. Joseph’s!  Nursed in the arms of Jesus and Mary, his last hours were one long ecstasy.  No anxious, no distressing thought was possible in that sweet company.  For St. Joseph death was only falling asleep to wake in paradise.  He is therefore the patron of a good death.  Pray earnestly to Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, that you may die in peace in their blessed company.



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