March 30th — St. Joseph’s Glory in Heaven.

30th Day. —St. Joseph’s Glory in Heaven.

1.  It is an opinion held by many learned theologians that St. Joseph, like Our Lady, enjoys the honor of having had his body raised from the grave at the time of Our Lord’s Resurrection, and that he is present in heaven now, body as well as soul.  There are no relics of St. Joseph, no tomb where his body is honored.  His assumption is moreover what we might expect in reward for such spotless purity as his.  The spouse of Mary deserved this honor, and one who had tended Jesus with such loving care had a sort of claim to it.  We may therefore piously believe that St. Joseph enjoys this wonderful privilege.

2.  We have already spoken of St. Joseph as the most glorious of all the saints.  What else does this mean but that he has the highest place in heaven after Our Lady?  The Church calls him the glory of the inhabitants of heaven (caelitum decus). How would this be possible unless he surpassed them all?  Congratulate St. Joseph on his great glory, and thank God that you have a friend so near His throne.

3.  St. Joseph was, after Mary, more like to his Divine Son in form and feature than any one else ever was.  This likeness extended to his beautiful and stainless soul.  In heaven he still retains this intimate likeness to Jesus, which grew and increased by reason of his close union with the Son of God and familiar intercourse with Him.  Likeness to Christ!  That is the increase of glory in heaven.  Pray that you may become, through St. Joseph’s help, more like to Jesus.



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