March 5th — St. Joseph’s Espousal.

5th Day.— St. Joseph’s Espousal.

1.  Never were husband and wife so eminently suited to each other as Joseph and Mary.  Never was there a union that so exactly symbolized the union between Christ and the Church.  Happy indeed are those who meet with a congenial spouse!  Happier still are those who are content to live in a state of virginity, and in the religious life to choose Jesus Christ Himself for their divine Spouse.  They it is who most nearly approach to the life of Joseph with Mary.

2.  St. Joseph and Our Lady lived in perpetual chastity, and their union was a closer one than that of any other husband and wife in the whole world.  Their ideas, opinions, hopes, wishes, likes, and dislikes were all the same; Joseph was Mary’s strong support, Mary loved to depend on Joseph.  None was ever so obedient, gentle, loving, and sympathizing a wife as Mary.  None was ever such a thoughtful, kind, prudent, faithful husband as Joseph.

3.  Of what age was St. Joseph at the time of his marriage?  Not an old man, for this would have been unseemly; nor very young, for he would not have been a suitable protector for Mary; but about the prime of life.  It is true that from the fifth century onwards, he is represented as a bearded old man, but this is partly to represent the dignity of his character, partly as a portrait of his later years.  Joseph was always far advanced in wisdom, counsel, prudence, and the love of God.  Would that I were more like him!


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