17th Day — The Flight into Egypt.

The Flight into Egypt.

Arise and take the Child and His Mother and fly into Egypt. (St. Matt.  ii.  13.)

1.  It was not long before Mary experienced how true Simeon’s prophecy was to be.  In the midst of the night, as she slept with the Divine Infant by her side, she was aroused by St. Joseph, who ordered her to prepare to leave their home and to go forth amid the darkness — and whither?  To Egypt, the land of Israel’s foes; far away across the desert, where they would be unknown and despised.  What a trial for Mary’s obedience!

2.  The command, moreover, seemed so harsh and arbitrary an one.  Surely the omnipotent God could have provided for the safety of His own Son in a thousand ways without imposing a long and painful journey.  Yet Mary murmured not.  If I had received such a command, should I have yielded a willing and uncomplaining obedience?

3.  Watch Mary in her preparations: how prompt, how orderly.  She is thanking God for this trial as she gets ready what is necessary for the journey.  How cheerful she is!  how she makes the best of everything!  how she consoles St. Joseph by her thoughtfulness, her charity, her never-failing good humor!  What a model to us when unforeseen annoyances arise!  The only way to make our crosses light is to take them cheerily, as Mary did.

Mary, model of resignation, pray for us! 

Refuge in grief, Star of the Sea, 

Pray for the mourner, pray for me!


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