23rd Day — Mary meets Jesus carrying the Cross.

Mary meets Jesus carrying the Cross.

Bearing His Cross He went forth to the place that is called Calvary. (St.  John xix.  17.)

1.  As the time of the Passion drew near, Mary’s realization of the approaching sufferings of her Son became more vivid.  The Sword of Simeon pierced her heart as it had never done before.  How could she endure to see her Son and her God outraged and ill-treated, insulted and put to death?  “Weeping, she wept in the night: there was none to comfort her among all those that were dear to her.” (Lament, i.  2.)

2.  At last the storm of anguish burst upon her.  The apostles bring her the heart-breaking news: He has been seized by the Pharisees, insulted by the soldiers, dragged before Pilate, scourged, condemned to the death of the Cross.  What a night and morning for the Mother of Jesus!  Each moment full of an agony worse than death.

3.  At last she could refrain no longer.  She must go and meet Him Whom her soul loved.  What a meeting must that have been!  Her darling Son all masked in blood, toiling under the weight of the Cross.  Oh, holy Mother, who would not be moved with compassion?  “Behold and see if there be any sorrow like to that with which God hath afflicted me in the day of His fierce anger.” (Lament, i.  12.)

Mother of God, He broke thy heart, 

That it might wider be; 

That in the vastness of His love

There might be room for me.


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