22nd Day — Mary during our Lord’s Public Life.

Mary during our Lord’s Public Life.

Whoever shall do the will of My Father in heaven,
he is My brother and sister and mother. (St. Matt.  xii.  50.)

1.  When our Lord left the cottage at Nazareth and went forth to enter on His Public Ministry, what an aching void must have been left in Mary’s heart.  How her heart must have yearned to be with Him!  Earth was indeed for her a barren waste, as long as He was away.  Have we anything of this love of the company of Jesus?  any desire to seek Him out, where He waits for us in the tabernacle that we may enjoy sweet intercourse with Him?

2.  Yet Mary murmured not.  She was willing to sacrifice for the good of others even the solace of Jesus’ presence.  She knew that by her obedience she would be united to Him in bonds far more intimate than the bonds of the closest earthly union.  Therefore in joy and in sorrow, in consolation and desolation, whether Christ were with her or far away, her only desire was to submit to the holy will of God.

3.  Mary by her prayers and tears and intercession took part in our Lord’s work.  He had decreed that His Mother thus should help Him in His Public Ministry.  Though He could do all.  He left something for her to do, as He does for all the saints.  What a happiness and privilege this!  I, too, can take my part in the redemption of mankind!

Queen of Sorrows, guide and guard me, 

Let me to thine arms repair. 

In thy tender bosom hide me, 

Mary, take me to thy care!


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