21st Day — Mary at Cana.

Mary at Cana.

Whatsoever He shall say to you, do ye, (St.  John ii.  5.)

1.  Jesus’ first miracle was performed at the marriage-feast at Cana.  Thither Mary was invited, and from the words of the Gospel it seems as if Jesus was invited because His Mother had been already asked.  Thus we learn that where Mary comes Jesus is sure to come also.  He who entertains her with love and devotion will find that the love of Jesus will soon spring up in his heart.

2.  During the marriage-feast the wine runs short.  Our Lady notices it; it grieves her; she appeals to her Son in a model prayer.  She simply states the need, and leaves all else to Him — “They have no wine.”  Such should be our prayers.  Jesus likes us to tell Him our needs.  He knows them, but He makes this a condition of fulfilling our desires.

3.  Jesus’ words at first seem like a rebuke — “Woman, what is to Me, and to thee ?” He often pretends to turn a deaf ear to us.  How does Mary behave under the seeming slight?  She regards it as a sign that He will grant her request, and turning to the servants, bids them obey Him in all things. “Whatsoever He shall say to you, do ye.”  Mary knew that it is to the submissive and obedient that Christ gives His best gifts.

May the most blessed and holy will of God be done in all things!  Amen. 

My Lord, my God, what wiliest Thou? 

Thy blessed will is mine!


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