2nd Day — Mary’s First Graces.

Mary’s First Graces.

Her foundations are on the holy mountain.

(Psalm lxxxvi.  i.)

1.  Mary began her journey along the road to perfection at a height to which other saints only arrived at the end of a long life of saintliness.  God loved her more at the first moment of her existence than He loved the holiest among the rest of men at the time that their earthly pilgrimage was over and they were ripe for their heavenly reward.  What glory must have been hers even from the beginning!

2.  What was the cause of this special predilection that God had for this newly-created soul?  In all other children of Adam original sin prevented the Divine generosity from having a free course.  But Mary was created Immaculate, and therefore the grace of God streamed into her soul without check or hindrance.  Oh, happy child whose sinlessness received so glorious a recompense!

3.  What is it checks in us the inflow of God’s supernatural gifts?  It is always sin; not so much sins in the pastas sins and imperfections wilfully admitted in the present.  These must be relinquished, if we desire God to give us good measure of His grace.  We must try and hate sin as Mary hated it, and we must cry to her:

Hail, Mary, ever undefiled! 

Hail, Queen of purity! 

O make thy children chaste and mild, 

And turn their hearts to thee.


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