3d Day — Mary’s earliest Gift.

Mary’s earliest Gift.

God said to Abraham, Walk before Me and be perfect.

(Gen.  xvii.  i.)

1.  The highest praise that can be bestowed upon the saints of God during their earthly pilgrimage is that they “walked with God.”  In this all perfection consists, as we see from God’s words to faithful Abraham.  This was the privilege of our first parents before they sinned. “The Lord God walked with them in Paradise.” (Gen.  iii.  8.) This was the praise of Henoch and of Noe.  It is an anticipation of the eternal happiness of heaven, where the just will walk with God forever in the glory of the Beatific Vision.

2.  What is meant by walking with God?  It means an intimate union with Him, a continual and joyful remembrance of His presence, a perfect agreement of will with God.  This was the beginning of God’s gifts to Mary; it was the result of her sinlessness.  It rendered her life a sort of heaven upon earth.  From the first moment of her existence she could cry out, “My Beloved to me, and I to Him,” and He could answer, ‘‘Thou art all fair, My love, and there is not a spot in Thee.” (Cant.  iv.  7.)

3.  God was thus always present to Mary’s thoughts; every action, every movement was directed to His glory — this was the secret of her unapproachable holiness.  How different am I from Mary!  I think so little of God, and do so little for Him!  I will try and do more, that I too may become more pleasing to God, more full of His graces and gifts.

Holy Mother of God, pray for me!

Mary, Gate of Dawn (Ostrama Brama).


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