July 11th — The Universality of the Precious Blood. 

July 11th — The Universality of the Precious Blood.

1.  It is of faith that Christ died, not only for the elect, but for all.  There was no single individual member of the whole race of men who did not enjoy the privilege of being redeemed by Christ, not the most degraded of the heathen, not the most ignorant or the most hardened in sin.  The Precious Blood was sprinkled on all, and if they did not avail themselves of its benefits it was their own fault.  None will incur the eternal misery of hell who has not deliberately rejected the forgiveness that the Precious Blood won for us.

2.  What about the innocent child who dies without Baptism?  For it, too, the Precious Blood was shed; and if it does not attain to eternal happiness in heaven, this is owing to the wilful sin of man, and not to any lack of efficacy in the Precious Blood.  It will at least enjoy great natural happiness through all eternity.  He who shed His Precious Blood for all is not unmindful of those who through no fault of their own fail of attaining the joy of the beatific vision.

3.  Does the Precious Blood do anything for sinners who have rejected it?  Yes, for though their rejection of it excludes them from all right to share in the blessings it won for man, and has deserved for them eternal punishment, yet their punishment, terrible as it will be, will nevertheless be in some way short of what they deserved, and this through the merits of the Precious Blood.  Thank God for His infinite mercy, and pray that you may never forfeit any of the graces won for you.

July Precious Blood of Jesus Meditations


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