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July 12th — The Victories of the Precious Blood. 

July 12th — The Victories of the Precious Blood.

1.  The Precious Blood has conquered sin and Satan.  It was the shedding of it on the cross which gave the death-blow to the kingdom of the devil.  It was when the Son of God had by the loss of His Sacred Blood been reduced to the extremity of weakness and of misery, and brought down to the very gates of death, that he triumphed over the tyrant that had enslaved the world, and compelled all the rebel angels to bow the knee before His sacred humanity.  Rejoice with your victorious King, and pray that you may deserve to share His triumph.

2.  The Precious Blood has also conquered sinners by thousands, who, if it had not been shed, would have remained hardened sinners unto the end.  Who can withstand its silent appeal, as it trickles down from His head, His hands, His feet?  Who can refuse to listen to its silent pleadings?  Who can turn away from Him Who has thus loved us even unto death?  O my Jesus, may I never turn away from Thy voice calling me from Thy throne upon the cross to love Thee and obey Thy voice!

3.  The Precious Blood has also conquered and averted the anger of God, Whose decree of just retribution would but for it have fallen upon sinners.  Can the Father resist the pleadings of His co-equal Son when He holds out His hands, still marked with the scars of His sacred wounds, and asks for mercy and forgiveness for the sinner?

May Thy wounds, O Jesus, plead for me now and at the hour of death!

July Precious Blood of Jesus Meditations


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