June 16 — The Sacred Heart of Jesus among Sinners.

The Sacred Heart of Jesus among Sinners.

1.  One of the things at which the Pharisees took scandal during Our Lord’s sacred ministry was His association with publicans and sinners.  They taunted Him with His friendship for sinners.  They asked His disciples why He ate and drank with them, talked to them words of gentleness and sympathy, seemed attracted by their company.  Yes, it was all true.  He was, above all, the Friend of sinners.  He came to search them out and bring them back to the fold.  He had a tender love for the miserable outcast because she was an outcast, and the compassion of His Sacred Heart went out towards her and longed to bring her back to purity and peace.  Am I at all like to Jesus in His pity and love for sinners?

2.  Once upon a time an unhappy woman was brought to Him who had been taken in adultery.  She was a great sinner and deserved to die.  But how did Jesus treat her?  By silence He rebuked her accusers and then turned with Divine compassion to the poor adulteress, and spoke to her words of peace.  Where should I have been, on the side of the accusers or on the side of Jesus?

3.  Jesus is just the same now, the Friend of sinners and therefore my Friend.  He is the Friend of sinners, and therefore woe to me if I am hard on others as the Pharisees were.  He is the Friend of sinners, I can therefore win His love by showing great kindness and tenderness and love to these His friends.


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