June 20 — The Disappointments of the Sacred Heart.

The Disappointments of the Sacred Heart.

1.  We often see a morning that opens bright and fair, clouded over before midday, and the afternoon dark and gloomy, ending in storm and desolation.  So, too, there is many a life that opens with the happiest promise; a natural attraction to piety, great graces, good influences, an amicable character give hopes that he to whom these privileges are given will turn out an eminent servant of God, and love with an ever-increasing devotion the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

2.  Yet how often the brilliant promise comes to nothing, or next to nothing.  The soul which might have risen to a high degree of sanctity and enjoying continual peace and joy, is still battling with passion, anger, sloth, impatience, self-indulgence, vanity, distastes for the things of God, jealousy and ill-feeling, uncharitableness in thought and word.  How is it that so little progress has been made?  How is it that the Sacred Heart of Jesus has been disappointed of His desire for a complete possession of the heart that He loved?

3.  Alas!  it is the old story.  Unfaithfulness to grace in little things.  He spoke plainly enough, asking for some little sacrifice, and was refused.  He asked again and another refusal.  At length He ceased to ask, or the unfaithful soul ceased to hear His voice.  What a sad disappointment for Him!  What an irreparable loss for the soul that was thus ungrateful to the invitations of her Divine Spouse!  Is not this my case?


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