June 19 — The Gratitude of the Sacred Heart.

The Gratitude of the Sacred Heart.

1.  There never was any one so grateful for every little act of kindness as Jesus Christ while He was on earth.  The woman of Samaria gave Him a drink of water, and in return He gave her the grace of eternal life.  Zacheus left his business to see Him, and in return salvation came to all his house.  St. Mary Magdalen poured upon His head a little box of ointment, and her gift obtained for her a name as long as the world shall last, and an everlasting reward in heaven.  The Sacred Heart of Jesus is the same now; still grateful for the smallest sacrifice, for each thought of affectionate remembrance.

2.  To those who love Jesus He imparts a sweetness and joy which makes all the joys of earth seem paltry and contemptible.  If He sends trials to those who love Him, it is only that He may have an excuse for giving them a greater reward hereafter, and even with the trials He mixes so much peace and lightness of heart that the saints pray for more trials and more sufferings.

3.  But what is the gratitude of the Sacred Heart in heaven?  Words cannot express it, our hearts cannot imagine it.  We shall enter into the joy of Our Lord, that is, He will share with us His own unspeakable happiness.  Nay, He Himself will come forth and serve His elect, to prove His exceeding gratitude to every faithful servant.  O Jesus, may I be one of those thus honored!  May I earn Thy Divine gratitude by my love and my obedience!


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