June 26 — The Sacred Heart after the Resurrection.

The Sacred Heart after the Resurrection.

1.  When Our Blessed Lord rose again from the dead.  His apostles were at first struck with mingled fear and joy.  He in His turn seeks to reassure them, condescends to eat with them, to let them touch Him, encourages in them a loving familiarity.  Jesus in the love of His Sacred Heart does not like men to be afraid of Him — on the contrary, we cannot have too implicit a confidence in Him; we cannot go too far in reverent affection for His Sacred Heart.

2.  The chief point which Our Lord seems desirous to secure in His friends is that they should be at peace: at peace in themselves, and at peace with all around them.  He knew that without peace no one can ever make progress, no society can prosper.  This is why the peace-makers are so dear to His Sacred Heart, and why He gives them the title of being pre-eminently the children of God.  Have I peace in my soul?  and do I foster and promote peace around me?

3.  Our Lord also seems to be grieved at any doubt or incredulity among His followers respecting the Resurrection.  He cannot bear the skeptical spirit, He loves the spirit of simple faith.  When we hear of some miracle in the physical or moral order, we ought to desire to believe it and to lean to the side of acceptance.  The wish to believe will not make us foolishly credulous; it will rather quicken our instinctive perception of truth.


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