June 27 — The Sacred Heart in Heaven.

The Sacred Heart in Heaven.

1.  Now that Jesus has returned to His throne in heaven, has He forgotten His friends on earth?  No, He loves them now as much as ever, nay.  He loves them if it be possible better than ever.  As the world grows old, and the love of many waxes cold, He entertains a greater pity and compassion and love for those who remain faithful to Him.  His Sacred Heart still beats in sympathy with every one of us no less than it did for the poor widow who had lost her son, and for Peter when he denied his Master, or for the disciples in their sorrow and desolation during the three days that He lay in the grave.

2.  How is Our Lord employed in heaven?  When the Apostle speaks of Him as at the right hand of God, he describes His life as primarily that of an advocate for sinful man.  He is always living to make intercession for us (Hebrews vii.  25). He is continually holding out to His Father His hands which bear the marks of the Sacred Wounds, and pleading for sinners.  His prayer still is, Father forgive them!  What a consolation for us!

3.  He has another work in heaven which He Himself announced.  He told His disciples, I go to prepare a place for you.  I go to bestow on you the graces necessary to obtain.  I go to help you to fight the battle and win the crown.  My Sacred Heart will never be satisfied till you are all here with Me, rejoicing forever before the throne of God.  O Jesus, my Lord and my God!  grant that I may not fail of my eternal reward.


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