June 3 — The Characteristics of the Love of the Sacred Heart.

The Characteristics of the Love of the Sacred Heart.

How does the love of the Sacred Heart differ from the love God bears us?  Does it add anything to the Divine love entertained for us by our Father in heaven?  Yes, it has certain characteristics impossible to the uncreated nature of the Infinite God.

1.  It is a human love.  It is the Heart of One who is really and truly man.  Hence the love of His Heart is that of a heart that beats with pulsations like ours.  It has all that belongs to human love raised to an almost impossible intensity by reason of the Divinity to which it is joined.  What confidence ought we to have in Christ our Brother, whose love for us is human as well as Divine!

2.  It is a sensible love.  Just as we see through our eyes, and hear through our ears, so we love through our hearts.  The heart is the organ of love.  It feels affection and is physically influenced by it.  It has strong emotions and now rejoices, now sorrows.  He is touched with the feelings of our poor infirmities.  Human joy and sorrow thrilled through His Sacred Heart while He was on earth.  His Heart still rejoices over His children, and still mystically sorrows for their sins.

3.  It is a love of sympathy.  The Sacred Heart has itself experienced all that we suffer.  Each misery has its echo there.  Jesus not only understands all our troubles, but each has been felt by Him in His own person.  What a relief to have one who always has for us unlimited sympathy!


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