June 2 — The Love of the Sacred Heart for Man.

 The Love of the Sacred Heart for Man.

1.  The world has never witnessed such love as the love of the Sacred Heart for fallen man.  The tenderest, fondest earthly love fades away and becomes as nothing in comparison with the love of Jesus.  It combines in itself the love of the most devoted friend, of the most affectionate brother, of the lover for his beloved, of the mother for her darling son.  Every form of love is united in the yearning love of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

2.  There never was a love so patient, so much enduring as the love of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  It puts up with neglect, coldness, nay, even outrage and insult.  Any earthly friend or lover, nay, even the fond mother, would long ago have been repelled bv such treatment as He receives from ungrateful man.  But not so Jesus.  Can a woman forget her infant, He asks, so as not to have pity on the son of her womb?  Even if she should forget, yet will I not forget thee.

3.  The love of Jesus is a love which shows itself in deeds.  He delights to pour out the treasures of His mercy on men, even on the ungrateful and on His enemies, and how much more on those who return Him love for love?  For them there is no end to His gifts of love.  Every day, every hour, some fresh favor and benefit, and all these only preliminary to the eternal reward He has prepared for them in heaven.  How generous He has been to me, and what have I been in return?


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