June 1 — The Claims of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

The Claims of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

1.  The Sacred Heart of Jesus calls for our devotion more than all other symbols of His love.  It is not only the symbol of His love, it is the very source of that love.  It is itself an unfathomable ocean of love which can never be exhausted.  When the spear had drawn forth from it the mingled blood and water, there still remained the love with which it loved us and will love us to the end.

2.  The Sacred Heart of Jesus, though a true human heart, is nevertheless, at the same time, the Heart of God.  As such it calls for that supreme homage that is due to God alone. This is true of every part of Our Lord’s Body, and of His Heart, if it were possible, even more than of the rest, inasmuch as it is the organ of that love which is the central attribute of God.  To the Sacred Heart of Jesus I will cry: “My God and my Lord!  Behold how He loved me!”

3.  It has been sometimes said that Our Lord died of a broken heart, and in one sense it is true.  It was the yearning love of His Heart over sinners, and the anguish at the thought of how many would reject that love which caused Him to shed His Heart’s Blood for those whom He thus loved.  St. Francis used to say: “My love was crucified!” and in imitation of Him we will say: 44 My Love had His Heart pierced with love of me.”


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