June 7 — The Sacred Heart at Bethlehem.

The Sacred Heart at Bethlehem.

1.  Mary, when about to bring forth her firstborn Son, could find no shelter at Bethlehem, and had to take refuge in the cave which served as a stable for the oxen.  Meanwhile, the Sacred Heart of Jesus was experiencing, even before His birth, the sort of treatment that He was to receive all His life long.  He came to His own, and His own received Him not.  It is the same now: He begs for admittance now as then.

Mary and Joseph are still His faithful companions; but Jesus, Mary, and Joseph still ask in vain for admittance.  O my Jesus!  have I ever refused to open when Thou hast called by the secret whisper of Thy grace?

2.  While the Sacred Heart is grieved by the ingratitude and discourtesy of the inhabitants of Bethlehem, He is grieved, too, by the thought of the misery which is to come upon them when Herod murders all the children in Bethlehem and the country around, and He destines for them a rich reward.  So now He grieves with every bereaved mother, with every suffering child, and delights to carry the little ones in His arms to heaven.

3.  In the stable Christ is born, and the Sacred Heart of Jesus becomes the centre of worship for the faithful souls who gather round the manger.  The shepherds come to adore the new-born Infant: His Heart rejoices in their simplicity.  The Magi come from afar with their triple offerings, and He blesses them and raises them to a higher than earthly royalty.  Above all, Joseph and Mary kneel before their Son and their God.  His Heart basks in their burning love.  I will fancy myself kneeling there and offering myself to Jesus.


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