June 8 — The Sacred Heart at Nazareth.

The Sacred Heart at Nazareth.

1.  Look into the little cottage at Nazareth, and behold the fairest of all the children of men nestling on His holy Mother’s breast.  How those two hearts beat in perfect unison!  Mary’s Immaculate Heart receiving from the Heart of Jesus a stream of grace that flowed on continually without let or obstacle.  Jesus, in turn, rejoicing with unspeakable joy at the only heart that satisfied His longings and fulfilled His hopes.  Oh that my heart were, in this, more like Mary’s!

2.  Look at the humble workshop attached to the cottage at Nazareth, and see Jesus in His early youth, working under Joseph’s direction.  He is just at the age when boys begin to assert their liberty and independence, and who had more right to liberty and independence than the King of heaven and earth?  Yet Jesus is subject to Joseph with blind obedience.  His Heart is in love with subjection; it is a joy to the Creator to obey one of His creatures.  Shall we not love subjection after such an example?

3.  Look once again at Jesus amid the children of His own age.  Sometimes He is talking to them, and they listen, spell-bound, to the words of the carpenter’s Son.  Sometimes He is taking the lead in their innocent games.  But most often He is consoling them in trouble, encouraging the down-hearted.  How unselfish even in childhood!  how kind, how thoughtful!  Oh that I were more like Him in this!


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