FEMEN and the Gerasene Demoniac… Full of Devils

News today that Femen has raided a cathedral in Spain. They are screaming “Abortion is sacred.”

The woman is naked, has an upside down cross painted on her back, violent, and seems to have a problem with identity, “My name is Femen, for we are many.”

I can’t help it but to think of the demoniac at the Gerasenes. The Gospels tell us the guy was naked, violent, so violent in fact that he could not be kept in chains. And he was schizophrenic. When asked his name, he replied “My name is legion, for we are many.”

No doubt that the demons think murder is sacred. Apparently they don’t have creativity either, as they haven’t changed style even since the Gospels.

A naked, violent, shouting women who has that identity problem came running into the cathedral yesterday. As Fr. Hardon would say, all of the abortion industry is run by those who are possessed by the devil. Apparently, that goes for their marketing people, too.

Perhaps the cardinal should have confronted as did Jesus and driven those demons out into the sea.


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John B. Manos

John B. Manos, Esq. is an attorney and chemical engineer. He has a dog, Fyo, and likes photography, astronomy, and dusty old books published by Benziger Brothers. He is the President of the Bellarmine Forum.
  • Janet Baker says:

    I am grateful that this post wasn’t more explicit. I had the misfortune to see the video of a similar occurrence outside a church protected by arm-locked men in Brazil. I will never be able to get the images out of my eyes, or the shame for womankind out of my heart. And possibly this event was even worse, situated in Spain. I also had the misfortune, or fortune, also, because there is much to recommend it, to see Life is Biutiful set in Spain, and there is a scene in a Spanish strip club that I suggest you fast-forward over whilst you get another cup of tea, because your retinas will be burned dead by it, so ugly an image of women does it present from the depths of hell. Spain today must be hell. I do not want to imagine, to penetrate, the kind of woman who does these things, who shows up, who supports, who cheerleads this complete humiliation of women. I don’t want to know her. She is a devil.

    Now individual churches, and the Church, will be pinned to and blamed for the coming end of unlimited abortion. It will end, count on it, because now, at this point, it is interfering with profits (just check the demographics on ‘internal markets’ to see why the elites are so suddenly pro-life in twenty two states). There will be much blame to go around, much fury to be spent, because those same elites who may now begin to limit abortion (just as Hitler and Stalin both did) will not do one kind thing for women to make having children one centimeter more bearable in this truly cruel, truly depraved society we have created, especially for poor, especially for black women.

    Now that I’ve made myself sad: no, let’s fight back. Help build a movement toward the benevolent Catholic religious state. It is our hope. *Nothing else* can help now–name each possibility, you won’t need anyone to tell you why that particular avenue is played. They’re all played, paganism, mercantilism, communism, socialism, secularism, democracy, and America itself. Our essential right to try to get a Catholic state wherever Catholics are in a majority (or could become a majority, with a good enough platform!) was rejected at Vatican II, that’s the first thing that must be fixed and is why the doctrinal struggle is so very important. It isn’t doctrinal at all, it’s breathtakingly practical and if we don’t get it we’re going to perish, our women turned into demons, our sons into eunuchs.

    • J. Metrick says:

      Whether you are are Catholic or christian, atheist or believe ina deity, the fact is people generate an economy. No people , no wealth.

  • Possession is a serious thing. Needs to be cleansed and/or exorcise them!

  • Okay. … His name is Fr Hardon.. ??? Something peculiar about his name

  • Femen is evil, life is precious…

  • Thanks to Pewsitter for mentioning this article on the front page!!! 🙂

    Unfortunately, the link pewsitter gave is linking to our archive section and not the article itself 🙁

  • The Vancouver-based gay issues blog, “Straight,” takes issue with our coverage as well. Besides totally taking our picture, they said “The Bellarmine Forum has a problem with the extremist group’s topless demonstrations in churches.” Their article doesn’t do a fair job characterizing Manos’s post.

    Besides, not only does the Bellarmine Forum have a problem with naked people throwing bloody clothes in church, we don’t like hippy songs song at Mass, either.

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