Footnote 43: Notre Dame led Academic Independence movement

Professor Rice: 45 years ago, Notre Dame led a group of Catholic universities in declaring independence from the Catholic Church. Did it lead to academic excellence? Or more money for the school and more debt for the students?

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Christopher Manion

  • The truth hurts, especially if you love the Catholic Church. The institution is failing the faithful. Pray for the handful of US Bishops who are trying to keep the faith.

  • I just came across a concerning statement calling for the end of parish centered schools by Patricia Weitzel O’Neill,member of the NCEA Leadership and Planning Team for the Common Core Catholic Initiative. She said priests are I’ll prepared to oversee educational enterprises in the complexity of today’s society. Also, Ms Weitzel O’Neill attacked independent Catholic schools faithful to the Magisterum and Homeschooling Catholics as “faux Catholics”.

  • Please share this widely, especially with Bishops.

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