Garabandal Surprise: Eternal rest, Joey Lomangino.

Glenn, a “staff member” of the Mother of God Forums reports:

June 18, 2014 – Joey Lomangino has passed away. | Mother of God:

“June 18,2014 – Joey Lomangino
53 years ago today, St. Michael the Arch[a]ngel appeared in Garabandal. Today unfortunately, this is not as happy an occasion. It is with a broken heart, and the immense sadness that I regretfully announce the passing away of Joey Lomangino. I have confirmed this story with family, friends and Conchita.
As I am still in shock, I will have nothing more to say at this time, other than referring to a prophecy and the bible. On December 6, 1962, Conchita had a 90 minute ecstasy around 5:30 in the afternoon after which, she provided two more pieces of information regarding the Miracle: 1) One day, before the Miracle, something will happen that will cause many people to stop believing in the apparitions of Garabandal. The doubts and desertions will not be due to an excessive delay of the Miracle.
I cannot answer if Joey had the same experience of seeing the Miracle as Padre Pio did, just prior to his death, or with his new heavenly eyes, only God knows.”

(Via Mother of God.)

Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord. May his soul and all the souls of the faithful departed rest in peace.


Joey spent a great deal of effort, particularly in the 90s to promote the events and messages of Garabandal. He truly believed it, there is no doubt. For myself, I’ve never been convinced of that one. Fortunately, Mother Church gives us plenty of room to navigate these matters and gives each person the freedom to make their own minds up on such events. Sometimes, she speaks against them, and other times she declares that there is nothing against the faith in them, thereby declaring them safe to believe.

I find it partly helpful that Fr. Hardon’s Modern Catholic Dictionary has three entries pertaining to Fatima, but has none for either Medjugorje or Garabandal. That’s not a definitive way to determine anything other than it did not rise to the level of attention meriting an entry in the Modern Catholic Dictionary.

As reported above, Garanbandal had a series of alleged apparitions revealing warnings of a time of tribulation, days of darkness, and a miracle to appear in the sky for the whole world to see that would cause people to be unable to deny it. She was also allegedly given secrets to be delivered later. Unfortunately, she reports that she has forgotten the secrets. Michael Brown, writer of the series of books on these topics, including The Final Hour and Sent to Earth, describes the secrets she was given as having been written on a secret parchment:

“She can’t talk about whether the secrets will unfold in her lifetime. But she made the equally intriguing remark that the parchment is not so she can remember the secrets so much as in case she is not around for all the secrets.”

That’s rather strange to me, especially when I compare it to other highly regarded mystics. Sr. Lucy, for instance, was told to write things down. Bernadette as well.

Mary Loli, one of the other children at Garabandal had passed away some time ago.

Joey was blind, and I recall hearing him say with his own mouth on Mother Angelica’s show in the late 90s that he would see the miracle. He believed the miracle would happen in his lifetime and his eyesight would be restored at the miracle. Apparently, reports on the internet regarding other apparitions, report in 2012 that Joey would have his eyesight healed.

I can also remember people repeating this expectation of Joey’s restored eyesight in his lifetime as an event to happen around the miracle.

I’m not sure what that means for Garabandal fans — I can see in the thread on Mother of God forums above that the story has changed quite a bit from what I recall hearing.

[note: I do believe we need prayer, fasting, and repentance, however, there’s just so much strangeness about Garabandal that the purported events of the alleged events to occur has never convinced me. Fire falling from the sky is convincing to me, though.]

I realize that to some people, I may have just written the equivalent of “fighting words.”  Got a strong opinion of Garabandal? Tell me in the comments!

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John B. Manos

John B. Manos, Esq. is an attorney and chemical engineer. He has a dog, Fyo, and likes photography, astronomy, and dusty old books published by Benziger Brothers. He is the President of the Bellarmine Forum.
  • Nancy harnish says:

    I met Mr Lomangino as a teen serving cookies to the “church ladies” that were present to hear him speak. He talked a great deal about his confession with Padre Pio and how his sense of smell had been restored during that visit to San Giovanni. His uncle who he was traveling with wanted to go to Garabandal afterwards. Joey not wanting to defile his refreshed soul asked Padre Pio if it was ok to go to Garabandal.
    Padre Pio said that it was fine for him to go. I wouldn’t say this was a strong case, I heard this 40 years ago, but it stayed with me and I thought I would share it. He was a man of strong conviction and a powerful witness. May he rest in peace.

    • Todd says:

      The Garabandal apparitions from the 1960s prophesied a Warning that all the world would see and then within a year a Great Miracle at Garabandal at which the sick would be cured including the blind Joey Lomangino (now deceased) who would receive his sight. The parchment story belongs to Medjugorje which you do link to but you give the impression that it belongs to the Garabandal story.

      • Joe A. says:

        I have read elsewhere what Joey clarified Padre Pio said was “go with discernment” (and this statement of Pio was in the very early 60’s before the official Church made a negative judgement against Garabandal as supernatural. This is proper theology as the faithful are allowed to carefully discern before the local ordinary (bishop) makes a decision. However, if/when the local ordinary makes a negative decision then obedience is required of the faithful. The site author is very much mistaken in the above statement “fortunately, Mother Church gives us plenty of room … other times she declares that there is nothing against the faith in them, thereby declaring them safe to believe.” In 1978 Pope Paul VI came out with a document on the discernment of apparitions. The local bishop is given the heavy responsibility of quickly investigating and making judgement on supposed apparitions in his diocese that are of consequence. The faithful, not only of his diocese, but worldwide, are expected in obedience to abide by that decision. Since, several local bishops have publically decreed Garabandal is not supernatural we are not free to promulgate them as “safe to believe” unless some future decree would override. This same error occurs at Medjugorje where all the local bishops have declared “the evidence shows this is not of supernatural origin”. Then the national council of bishops ruled the same, 19 against with one abstain. Now, as there has been so much disobedience in this matter, in 2010 a commission was opened up by the Doctrine of Faith with the final results of the commission given to Pope Francis at the end of 2013 for his approval. The decision will certainly be negative and among other hints was the Papal Nuncio announcing to US bishops at the end of 2013 not to allow any conferences, etc. that presume the validity of Medjugorje to take place. Likewise, all of the seer Ivan’s US conferences were cancelled. Pope Francis preached on a Sunday sermon about how “Our Blessed Mother is not a postman who delivers messages everyday.” God can write straight with crooked lines and this he has done at times at Medjugorje. But if the average Catholic devotee of Medjugorje would be open minded and read on the web the other side of Medjugorje that the bishops are well aware of, they would quickly distance themselves from this money making scheme.

        • Joe A says:

          As to Garabandal, for faithful Catholics the negative decrees by the local bishops should suffice, as obedience is now what is required. But let me point out a few other things. Go to and open up “seers in Search of Inspiration: Medjugorje and Garabandal (part 2).” Here is a interview Mari Cruz gave to the Spanish Paper “La Pais June 17, 1984. She is here in her 30’s and already has all her children. Here are a few things she says: “I have never seen the virgin or any celestial being.” I remember how Conchinta who always use to organize jokes invented everything.” “The people tormented us so that we see the angel and the Virgin, and those fanatics to write in messages, as always happened in other apparitions like Lourdes and France”. I wrote to one of the better known Garabandal promoters from France and he stated Mari Cruz (one of the last 3 of the original 4 “visionaries’ alive) represents “the Jews” in her present denials !!! Conchinta made a number of minor prophecies. They have all not come about. I will give the prophecies and what website promoters have actually responded as to how these will still come true. A priest who died going home from Garabandal will be found incorrupt the day after the miracle. When his grave needed to be moved because of construction the Jesuits found only bones. Explanation – bones now, but the day after the miracle then it will be incorrupt. His two Jesuit brothers would witness the miracle – they died and the great miracle has not occurred yet at “the pines.” I have not heard an explanation on this one. Three more Popes after John XXIII then the end of the era. We are now on #5. Explanation “is not the fact we have two popes at same time a new era.” May I humbly say it is certainly no more a new era than last time a Pope resigned in church history. Padre Pio will see the miracle. Explanation, Padre Pio was given a vision of the Great Miracle before he died. Well, I certainly have no way to verify this but one curiosity I have is Conchinta said she was “surprised” by the death of Padre Pio in 1968 (since she had already stated he would see the miracle.) Since Conchinta knows the date of the miracle, it is now 2014, surely she did not think Pio would live anywhere near 128. Explanation given, Conchinta was just a simple country girl who trusted the words of our Lady at face value. Finally, we have Joey, who after Conchinta met and conversed with him in Garabandal wrote him a letter stating he will be at the pines on the day of the miracle, and the first thing he will see will be the miracle. Joey was always convinced this promise would be fulfilled as stated. Explanation, Joey got new eyes in heaven and can see the miracle there or maybe he saw it before he died. My goodness, God does not play games. He does not deceive. Garabandal aped approved apparitions like Lourdes and Fatima with hundreds of “apparitions”, walking backwards at a rapid pace over rocks, levitating, and the Blessed Mother doing things like “playing hide and seek” with the children, and finally the supposed “minor miracle” of Conchinta’s visible communion. A “miracle” that Conchinta admitted to Fr. Pelletier was not really thus. She told him she stole the host from the Church. It was not administered by an angel as she told the crowd. How about a simple parlor trick where it dropped from the roof of her mouth? Remember when the Church ruled “not supernatural” (from God) that did not rule out that some parts might be preternatural (from the devil). I don’t know if it was all just pure deception and crowd exaggeration, or if the devil may have played a part. I suspect in this case it was just the former. However, we can all stay clear of the dangers we open ourselves to by being disobedient to the Church. Just obey if common sense can’t sway you.

  • Patti says:

    I don’t know what ‘the church’ is. Catholic? …all the differing opinions are a bit troubling. I think that everyone that loves God and neighbor and trusts in Jesus is the church.

    I am not sure about any about any apparitions now, but I love and respect The Blessed Mary no matter what.

    The bible does say that in the last days there would be things happening that would deceive, including fire falling from the sky.

    It does say in the Bible that in the last days, people would be lovers of money rather than lovers of God. I can tell that most people do not love God, because of the way they treat others…and money means too much to most everyone, as if money is their God.

    We need to pray.

  • John Murphy says:

    I don’t know where some of the people above got their “facts”. I have been a follower of the Garabandal events since 1972. I have never come across any statement by Conchita denigrating the miracle of the visible host. nor have Garabandal prophecies ever mentioned 3 days of darkness. Pleae read the source material as in the book by Fr Eusebio de Pesquara ” She came in haste to the Mountains” before making inaccurate statements. Also the events have undergone a comprehensive study by Bishop del val Gallo which were forwarded to Rome years ago (his interview will be found in the Vigil Magazine, ( sorry but just now I cannot give a link). Interestingly he was a member of the original Commission which was not favourable to the events but later he decided to have a second investigation.

  • John Murphy says:

    Sorry, slight correction – the name of the book ( on internet) is “She went in haste to the Mountains”.

  • johnson says:

    i have been reading a lot of garabandal.i went to medjugorje(this itself is a miracle..2005).just a quote”anything is possible with God’..i BELIEVE that the warning n miracle will gods time!just pray and my prayers and support for garabandal to mari-loli and joey lomangino..pray for me from heaven.amen

  • Bobby says:

    I believe that God, no matter what has great plans ahead for all of us. What is important to remember is the messages. The messages about converting our lives is the most important to remember. I was shocked as anybody to hear of Joey’s passing. Maybe we were duped into a bad apparition, maybe it came from the devil. But i believe even if it did, that God will use this to do something great in the future!! Keep the faith people!!

    Godbless you!

    • Greg Grimer says:

      No, what is important is whether the apparitions are true. If they are false we can safely ignore the messages.

      • John B. Manos says:

        Agreed! But, I do like the point Fr Miceli made about the role Mother Church has in these events. If I don’t say it enough, Fatima and Akita were true events and Our Lady said that there was a war in the hierarchy – and we need to repent and say our rosary daily. She’ll take care of them. If we don’t, then fire from heaven comes. Lord, have mercy on us!

  • Frances Sullivan says:

    I was privileged to know Joey personally. I am 65 and starting from the time when I was a child when the apparitions were going on until the late 70’s, I heard Joey said that St. Padre Pio said the apparitions were true. Joey said to him should I go there then and St. Padre Pio said “why not”? I heard Joey personally say this many times. He never said that St. Padre Pio said “with discernment”, never. Joey, as we all know was a very devout man and would never lie. If Joey said St. Padre Pio said it then he said it. That is why I believe no matter what happens. God bless

    • Greg Grimer says:

      No matter what happens you will believe?

      Conchita dies and you will still believe?

      A future Pope condemns Garabandal as false and you will believe?

      You are stupid then.

  • John Nicolas says:

    One of the things that do not come from our Heavenly Lady is the approval of an illegal Council. When that Council was concluded in 1965, she said something like “the Council went well”. That was enough for me. I know for a fact that this second Vatican Council was invalid, because it was convoked by an anti-Pope John XXIII. He was an anti Pope because the true Pope who was elected during the October conclave of 1958, was archbishop Joseph Siri, he took the name of Gregory XVII, but he was threatened and violently pushed aside, by revolutionary cardinals, within the sistine chapel. He never came to the balcony to show himself, and to bless the crowd. It happened on Sunday, 26 October 1958. He remained a “cardinal”, dressed in red, until his death in 1989. His valid succesor, elected from among a small group of loyal cardinals created by Siri, is Gregory XVIII, and he is still alive today, in exile. He is the one who consecrated Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, on 13 may 1991,in union with all the Catholic Bishops of the world (loyal to him). He still lives in exile. This is the real crisis of the church, unprecedented in history. The exile of the Pope for 63 years, Rome has become the seat of Antichrist. That is why it is prudent to only concern yourself with approved private revelations and apparitions of before 1958, such as Fatima, Lourdes, Pontmain, Rue du Bac, Banneux, Beauraing etc. there is plenty of choice. The most serious consequence of this exile is, that we can not receive valid Sacraments. That was predicted by Marie Julie Jahenny, Most Holy Mary told her that there would come a time where the Holy Sacraments would not be available to the faithful. We have to pray, do acts of perfect contrition, and spiritual communion. That is the only thing possible today. After the three days of Darkness, when evil has been destroyed by the Hand of God, the church will be triumphantly restored, world wide, under the protection of a French Monarch.

  • Kaye says:

    No, the videos of those girls walking backwards always gave me the creeps. This is not from God.

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