If Gay Pride Was All About “Love”, then Why Do they Lash Out at Bishop Paprocki?

One of my favorite scenes from Casablanca is when the white-suited man comes up to the couple seated to dine outside. He is warning them that they must be careful in Casablanca… there are vultures, vultures everywhere!

The man is grateful and thanks him for the concern. Then, he calls for the waiter and comes to realize that his wallet is gone.

All that concern from the guy warning him was a ruse to pick the seated man’s pockets.

So it seems from the people clamoring that same sex so-called rights are just about love. They say they are oppressed. They say a lot of things that make it seem like they are victims.

But then, when someone says something they disagree with, they attack. Does anyone remember them gloating in the destruction of the Mozilla CEO?  Fr. Hardon frequently said that homosexuals were the most aggressive people he encountered in his counseling. One nearly needs to see the things they say today to know that’s a fair opinion.

Fr. James Martin is out there claiming that these people seeking same sex rights are marginalized and we need to coddle them because they are oppressed. Oppressed like a cornered rattlesnake, perhaps. Hard to believe Martin isn’t living in fanstasyland when he claims they are marginalized… but they have public parades and corporations jamming rainbows down our throats. Tolerance to them means they can stifle Paprocki and his staff. Love to them means intimidation and threats.

I can almost hear Fr. Martin warning us of the oppressive “vultures, vultures, everywhere…”

So it seems they are spreading their “love” on Bishop Paprocki.

We need to praise Bishop Paprocki (and his staff).

Of all the things I’ve posted this week, I kept bringing up the point that there is a problem in the hierarchy. Not all of it is out to lunch, though, and Bishop Paprocki is a bright star.

He gave an interview to Jim Graves that was published on Catholic World Report today. Go read it. Trust me.

I want to highlight something:  It seems that Paprocki’s staff has been taking flak and nasty aggressiveness.

The news and the corporate people keep telling us that it’s all about love. Even the picture I used in the post yesterday showed a gay pride march and the sign says “It’s just LOVE.”

It should be obvious, even to common core students, that the word “love” means something different to them. For them, love appears to be violent obscenity.

It apparently means bludgeoning people into agreeing with you, intimidating people, and being vulgar and gross.

I don’t find that attractive or anything I want to support at all.

Sounds like hell, in fact.

Is it possible that this violent behavior of theirs shows that they know they are wrong?

So it is that these people preaching “love” now are attacking Bishop Paprocki and his staff with vulgarity and lewdness. As Bishop Paprocki described it to Graves:

Gay activists have harassed my staff and me with obscene telephone calls, e-mail messages and letters using foul language and profanity, supposedly in the name of love and tolerance.  I am sorry that people around me have been subjected to such hateful and malicious language.

Love, love, love, they say. They mean anger, though. Violent anger.

I mentioned yesterday that the feminist “Big Red” interviewed in The Red Pill documentary just seethed anger, even through the TV. I’ve also had the opportunity to hear the kinds of voicemail messages that these activists leave when they disagree. I feel bad for that staff because it’s likely been sickening to deal with that filth.

We can do something about it: Say a Hail Mary for Bishop Paprocki and his staff.

Say another one in thanksgiving for him, too! Now Go read the interview. I especially liked the part where the his excellency takes Fr. James Martin to task. As a teaser because I want you to click that link and read it, Paprocki says, “Father Martin gets a lot wrong in those remarks.”

Update: see the comments below and a link where you can leave a note on the Bishop’s website to encourage his staff and say something uplifting.


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John B. Manos

John B. Manos, Esq. is an attorney and chemical engineer. He has a dog, Fyo, and likes photography, astronomy, and dusty old books published by Benziger Brothers. He is the President of the Bellarmine Forum.
  • Bob McKenna says:

    John, Somehow Bishop Paprocki’s staff “taking flak” came out “talking flak.” Probably should be fixed before some of those loveable folks give you flak about it.

  • Bob McKenna says:

    Should have mentioned that it was a great essay. You nailed the problem, and made clear what is really happening. Bishop Paprocki, by the way, can be thanked by leaving him a message on the Springfield Diocese website.

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