Life: Unborn and Forsaken. Bellarmine Forum Magazine Volume IV Issue 2


In this second issue on Life, we discuss the topics nobody likes to mention. Babies are being treated like totaled cars and sold for parts — yes, baby body parts for sale.

  • Abortion and the Way of the World, by Fr. John Paul Erickson
  • The Loss of Moral Language, by Dr. Arthur Hippler
  • Disembodied Reproduction, Dr. Monica Miller
  • Parts For Sale – Baby Parts, That Is, by Diane Levero
  • The Allure of Perfection, Dr. Anthony Caruso
  • Is It A Life Worth Living, by Ann DeJak
  • Matthew Yonke reviews Abandoned


From the Back Cover:

What Has Life Become?

For all time, new life has been greeted with delight and excitement and the Giver
of Life blessed for such a great gift. Until now. The only thing “special” in the creative process now is whether the parents can get a good price on their prenatal diagnostic tests, in vitro process, pre-implantation screening, surrogacy, and if needed, termination because the product of this technological process isn’t quite perfect.

Forty years of abortion and many more years of contraception brought us to this point and the bottom line is man wants to be in control — man intends to replace God as Creator with himself as engineer of a superior product no more special than a new car.

Is this what we have become? Products? The soul has been deleted out of this equation and the hand of a loving God to support and carry us along intentionally obliterated by secular society. We have a generation adults who may have survived their parents’ “choice” but have come of age with no idea that it is life they carry within and how sacred it is.

The Torch of Truth

From the earliest times, the Church has held high the torch of truth that we are children of God, each and every one of us His specially chosen creatures — even those whose lives were sacrificed on the altar of “choice” or those still lying in the frozen wasteland of some laboratory.

Secularism has tried to drown out the voice of the Church, using laws and persecution to silence her, but armed with prayer, the faithful continue the fight for the right to life and the sacredness of marriage wherein life begins and is blessed.

It is to proclaim this Truth that the Bellarmine Forum magazine has committed its four issues in 2014.

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  • A really good read. Eye opening for sure!

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