Saving Christian Marriage

 Saving Christian Marriage contains the texts of talks given at a National Wanderer Forum “The Splendor of Christian Marriage.” The underlying theme is Marriage is a path to salvation for the spouses. They are vowed before God to seek Him together. There are two beautifully written pieces on theology of marriage, how it requires holiness and fidelity. Other talks examine topics such as birth control, abortion, the nature of the vow, divorce, same-sex marriage. The main reason the Foundation put this book out is because there are so many aberrations being put forth as marriage these days. The only way sanity can be restored to our approach to this great sacrament is through educating people about its sanctity. Now more essential than ever given the ongoing secular assault on marriage through legislation aimed at its “re-definition.”
“If it doesn’t make any difference to a society whether boys marry girls or other boys, that society has gone beyond the line of clinical insanity.”–Charles E. Rice


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John M. DeJak is an attorney and Latin teacher and works in academic administration. He writes from Ann Arbor, Michigan.
  • […] Quotes from Professor Rice are from his talk at the 1973 National Wanderer Forum, and published in the book, Saving Christian Marriage, available from the Bellarmine Forum. […]

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