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Can the Benedict Option Save Catholic Preppers?

By Landon DePasquale / April 21, 2017 /

Would you agree that the demoralization of society has produced a base (even gross) society around us today? Worse, do you agree that the secularists attack principles of faith in every public square? Something must be done! right? Circle the wagons and offer a place for flourishing! Some see a cultural doomsday imminent and a dark ages afoot.  Especially when…

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“A Steady and Invigorating Catholic Light”

By wffguest / February 21, 2014 /

by Guest Author, Daniel J. Kelly The Catholic Thing:  Five Years of a Singular Website Robert Royal, Editor St. Augustine’s Press Paperback, $20 The blogging age has unwittingly renewed an old thing: book writing by serial installments. The website known as The Catholic Thing has raised the bar in both blogging and books by publishing…

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Ignatius Speaks?

By Landon DePasquale / October 15, 2013 /

Ignatius of Loyola Speaks Karl Rahner, S.J. St. Augustine’s Press Paperback, $13.00 Simply looking at the cover of Ignatius of Loyola Speaks instantly sets the stage for the work. It gives the context of the work, quotes from Karl Rahner late in life saying it is “a sort of last will and testament” and “a…

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Holding Back the Secularist Tide that Threatens to Overtake Our Lady’s University

By wffguest / September 29, 2013 /

by Guest Author, Daniel J. Kelly, Esq. For Notre Dame: Battling for the Heart and Soul of a Catholic University Fr. Wilson D. Miscamble, C.S.C St. Augustine’s Press Paperback, $17.00 Academia is certainly a major front in contemporary culture wars.  Academics who dare trespass the politically correct positions espoused by the mainstream masses of tenured…

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From Under the Rubble…Fireside Reading

By Christopher Manion / March 4, 2013 /

  It Didn’t Have to Be This Way Harry C. Veryser: ISI Books, $28.95 Traveling through the intersection of religion and economics is often a very rough ride, and it features a high collision rate. Countless influential religious folks, both lay and clerical, insist on writing about economics, only to demonstrate their well-intentioned ignorance (or…

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