defending the faith

Is the Barque of Peter Really Seaworthy?

By wffguest / March 9, 2013 /

During Pope Benedict XVI’s final general audience, he reflected on his pontificate in the context of the oft-used symbol of the Catholic Church as the Barque of Peter: I have felt like St. Peter with the Apostles in the boat on the Sea of Galilee: the Lord has given us many days of sunshine and…

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Defensor Civitatis

By John M. DeJak / November 5, 2012 /

I am going to be polemical. You are forewarned. There is a fundamental aspect of the debate over so-called same-sex marriage that needs to be understood: most people in the cities and towns of Minnesota and across the United States are not eager nor clamoring for the legal recognition of two homosexuals to form a…

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Take a Stand

By Cindy Paslawski / November 5, 2012 /

I finally watched For Greater Glory — a little late, I know — about the persecution of the Church in Mexico in the 1920s. The Cristeros joined the cause for freedom for various reasons, plunder, prestige, faith, but in the end they stood for something even to death. It was a moving testament which gave…

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