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Seminary Life in the 80’s: Fr. Sauppé’s Experience with CUA, Charles Curran, St. Luke’s

Fr. Timothy Sauppé recounts his experience with the post-Vatican II pastoral style that expected you to keep your mouth shut and ignore the homosexual contagion. An excerpt from the book Slaying the Spirit of Vatican II with the Light of Truth. Already in the 1980s, there was a problem with the homosexual contagion, seminarians being told to keep quiet, and Saint Luke Institute. The heretic Curran at CUA was another thing one had to swallow and accept quietly… or be ousted.

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Of Glittery Flowers, Cute Little Birds, and Easter

  This time I’m batting .500. On Ash Wednesday, I bemoaned this year’s lack of broadcasting the Lenten penitential regulations which Catholics have observed through the centuries. (I noticed, however, no dearth of announcements that St. Patrick’s Day would be abstinence-free.) Now let’s turn to Easter. I am on almost every known religious mailing list. […]

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We’ve Been Saying This for Years! WSJ on Ugly Churches

Déjà vu. The February 24, 2017 issue of the Wall Street Journal ran the story, “Free Our Churches From the Ugly and Stupid” by Professor Anthony Esolen of Providence College. In this wonderful piece, Esolen laments “Stations of the Cross that can hardly be recognized as depictions of the Passion” and “crosses that look as […]

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Ignoring the “Fast” Track: Has Traditional Lent observance become optional?

Ash Wednesday is upon us. The day is not so important as its symbolism as the entryway into the great time of penance. We go forth gird with fasting and abstinence into the Lenten season, foreheads marked with a cross of the dust to which we shall return at journey’s end. Solemn stuff. It is a […]

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He Who Humbles Himself Will Be Exalted

  He wanted to keep it simple, humble, down to the plain pine casket. After all, the Funeral Mass and graveside Commendation carry the last day’s importance, not the shine on the soon-to-be-buried casket. But it wasn’t to be. Hundreds of people showed up on March 2 at St. Joseph’s Church in Mishawaka, Indiana, to […]

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