“McNullments” and the Homosexual Contagion – Sexual Suicide Played out in Tribunals?

Towards the end of Father Hardon’s life, he gave some talks on the concept of sexual suicide (previously covered at this post). Rooted in Marxism, and focused on destroying the family, the gist is that divorcing sexual activity from procreation destroys the family, and hence society. Father Hardon said, “The feminists, homosexuals, and pornographers as a […]

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Mealy-Mouthed Secularist Prelates and the Attack on Grace

I’ve been biting my tongue through a lot of the synod and the biggest reason has been that I really did not want to pile onto the mountains of doom being dumped into Catholic discussion. Now that the relatio is out, and now that we see what it says, we wait for Pope Francis to put his […]

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The Marxist March Against Marriage and the Response Our Lady Asked For

A couple years ago, I posted one of the best images about marriage today and it came from the old St. Joseph Baltimore Catechism. Featuring both the worldly judge and the Eternal Judge rendering opinions of what was before them. The image shows a couple obtaining a no fault divorce, and a judge granting it to them. To […]

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