The Marxist March Against Marriage and the Response Our Lady Asked For

A couple years ago, I posted one of the best images about marriage today and it came from the old St. Joseph Baltimore Catechism. Featuring both the worldly judge and the Eternal Judge rendering opinions of what was before them. The image shows a couple obtaining a no fault divorce, and a judge granting it to them. To the side is Jesus, saying “you are still married.”  Take that logic a step further and you see the fantasyland of neopaganism — man delusionally producing reality with the mind versus objective reality and God’s revelation to us:

No Fault Divorce in the Eyes of God


You can see in this one image how we got to same sex marriage today:  If man was given a long time to see that they could make marriage on their own terms, rather than as Our Lord made it, eventually man would redefine the entire substance. Man attempting such, is of course inspired by no other than the first rebel, whose objectives are the total inversion of God’s creation as I posted last Sunday.

You see a lot of hand wringing over the decision and a lot of talk, but I have yet to see our Bishops lead us with the Heavenly weapons given to us. Where is the call for prayer and fasting? Where is the leadership? Is it as Father Hardon said, Judases in the Church? Maybe partly so, but I don’t think that’s it. I think it’s a slow secular march to see programs and “busy-ness” as our remedy instead of God’s prayer and fasting. So far, I’ve seen scant reference to our weapons: prayer and sacrifice (fasting). This is, as the Baltimore Catechism noted, and everyone else, precisely what Our Lady told us at Fatima:



I quoted the Cure of Ars recently in the post about Mejugrojegugu that the messages and tripe were a distraction from the Church’s most powerful weapons: the sacraments, and the way God gives us to change the world:  prayer and fasting.

Our Lady says it at Fatima:  prayer and fasting.

The Cure of Ars:  “The devil is not much afraid of the discipline and hair-shirts what he really fears is the curtailing of food, drink and sleep.”

You have to ask yourself what would happen if the Bishops of our country made a decisive call to prayer and fasting. It’s the and fasting that they are too timid to ask us to do. I don’t know if you agree with me, but we have the weapons of peace, the powers of Heaven at our hands and we ignore them! It makes no sense. Mealymouthed sentimentalities have been spewed on pages and pages and posts since Friday, but scarcely the truth:  We must rescue our society from the pits of hell, it’s time to get your rosary out and give up that extra large side of fries for the sake of humanity. What would happen? For one thing, I bet the pews would fill up. Better yet, we might actually see some miracles if our church acted like it had that power at its fingertips.

Our shepherds are silent, but we don’t need to be. What have you given up to Our Lady as a reparation for this mess down here? When time ends and Our Lord asks you what you did in response to His call for prayer and fasting, what will you have as an answer? If you need some inspiration, try this post with Father Hardon’s seven ideas – those ideas for penance work well for fasting, too.

Look back at that first image again and imagine Our Lord’s reaction to the news going today. If anything else, tell Him you are with Him, and offer Him some little mortification. At least He’ll have one more good person to count when he negotiates with Abraham over this folly.

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John B. Manos

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