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Gain the Freedom to Love God Anywhere, Anytime! 5-Star Book Review: With God in America by Fr. Ciszek

By Terri Aluise / September 24, 2016 /

Get Access to New Fr. Cizszek Writings! Gain the Freedom to Love God Anywhere, Anytime! 5-Star Book Review: With God in America!!!

If we have a living, trusting, acting faith, then we know that God is around every corner of our life, that he does indeed walk with us and talk with us and love us, so deeply, so immensely that our life for him, our dearest friend, is like a tiny flame of a match compared to the burning world. Do we act on this all day long? Don’t we often act as though God is somewhere out there in the vast, impersonal sky, too concerned with the really big things of the world to be thinking of us? Aren’t we often like the apostles in the boat, thinking they have to wake God up so that he will pay attention to us?

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Are you forgetting something? The Inescapable Law of Mortification

By Dustin P.J. Murphy / July 2, 2016 /

In an age when we are inundated with all kinds of pleasures and told sin and hell don’t exist, it’s time to consider mortification. As we deny temptations and unlawful practices of pleasure, or choose to do acts of mortification to grow holier, we tend to actually enjoy God’s created goods more. Recently we celebrated…

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The Marxist March Against Marriage and the Response Our Lady Asked For

By John B. Manos / June 30, 2015 /

A couple years ago, I posted one of the best images about marriage today and it came from the old St. Joseph Baltimore Catechism. Featuring both the worldly judge and the Eternal Judge rendering opinions of what was before them. The image shows a couple obtaining a no fault divorce, and a judge granting it to them. To…

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New! Now 36 Doctors of the Church- Armenian Narek added

By John B. Manos / February 23, 2015 /

Surprise! We now have 36 doctors of the Church! Reported today, Pope Francis has named St. Gregory of Narek to be a doctor of the Universal Church. This move is interesting on many levels, partly because of when Narek lived:  he was born a mere 58 years before the Great Schism. So his life straddled the oncoming schism, but…

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Father Hardon on Lent and his 7 Rules of Penance

By John B. Manos / February 15, 2015 /

Fr. Hardon gives the basis of penance as a Divine Law that each of us must do, or perish. We may voluntarily do penance now – with his 7 rules of penance – or forcefully have it done to us later.

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So you want to Re-evangelize? Catch Abbot Nicholas on EWTN Live tonight

By John B. Manos / April 9, 2014 /

Tonight, on EWTN Live, abbot Nicholas of the Holy Resurrection Monastery in Wisconsin will be the guest. I had the pleasure of hearing him speak at my parish this past weekend. His topics were on Christian mysticism, re-evangelization, ethnic and church traditions, and similar topics. I was particularly interested in the re-evangelization topic as I…

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