New Lies For Old: Fr. Hardon Explains Neopaganism as Our Dechristianized Reality

By John B. Manos / May 16, 2015 /

Get you coffee, tea, or favorite beverage, and plan to spend a while learning one of Father Hardon’s master points on the state of modern man and the anti-religion we face, even within the Church. A massive post, it has analysis of the new religion we face today and why so many are unhappy following it but cannot escape.

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Fr. Hardon’s Analysis of Bellarmine will help you Defeat the Devil

By John B. Manos / June 10, 2014 /

If you ever listened to Fr. Hardon in real life, or you’ve heard the tapes, CDs or recordings of his, you know the clues he’d give you in the middle of a sentence, “but… what a crucial adversative this is… but… without exception.” He’d grab your attention and get you to pay attention. He had other…

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