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Epiphany Announced the Battle of Church and State: Pilate, King Herod, and the Slaughter of Faith

By John B. Manos / January 2, 2022 /

What did the Magi do that Herod’s Priests and Scribes did not? And how Epiphany starts the battle of Church and State – like abortion and Holy Communion

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Why we need 12 Days of Christmas and How the Catholic Bishops Robbed us of Them

By Dustin P.J. Murphy / December 27, 2016 /

Many in America tell us God has no place in the public sphere. Especially Jesus. Nativity scenes are forbidden on Government property, unless it’s one of a hundred different displays. Christmas is preceded by months of advertising. The “you need this” advertising of vehicles and jewelry now began soon after Halloween.  Christmas is secularized.  To top…

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The Dormition (Assumption) of Mary from Around the World

By John B. Manos / August 15, 2014 /

It always surprises me when somebody makes the claim that the Pope invents theology and tries to support their claim by pointing to the dogmatic pronouncement of the Assumption (Dormition) of Mary. A brief little tour of cathedrals and icons dedicated to this feast shows that the Dormition is a part of Christianity to the very…

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Dormition icon detail showing the sliced hands of Anthonius

Mary’s Assumption Stands to Disprove Gnosticism: You aren’t Dragging yourself, or anyone else, to Heaven

By John B. Manos / August 15, 2013 /

Some time ago, and throughout the years, I’ve heard various people say, “I want to drag souls to Heaven.” I’m sure that in the cases where I’ve heard it, the person didn’t realize what they were saying. They can’t drag themselves, let alone anyone else, to Heaven! If we take that phrase literally then it…

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Confusing the Little Things Obscures the Big: Ascension Thursday

By John B. Manos / May 9, 2013 /

In Acts 1:3 we read that Our Lord ascended to Heaven forty days after His Glorious Resurrection. The importance of this Feast is punctuated by Fr. Hardon: It is very important to be convinced that Christ’s Ascension into heaven was an historical fact. As early as the beginning of the second century, St. Ignatius of…

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Is Annunciation Really Today? Why Would it Bother Me?

By John B. Manos / April 8, 2013 /

As we discussed back on March 25th, today is the feast of the Annunciation, or is it? Is Pope Francis really ruining the Western Church, or is the uncertainty of a day like today? What should we be irritated by today?

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Irritations of Modern Liturgical Accommodations: Today is March 25th, Annunciation, except here

By John B. Manos / March 25, 2013 /

Somebody broke our calendar in the US… Today is March 25th, when for the twenty centuries up until now, we celebrated the Feast of the Annunciation.

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