The Canonization of John Paul II and John XXIII and “Traditionalist” Pusillanimity

On this Quasimodo ( Dominica in albis, Low, and Divine Mercy) Sunday, I am shocked at the pusillanimity of some of the so-called traditionalists in the Church. A great gift has been given to the whole of the Church with SS. John XXIII and John Paul II and yet, some traditionalists foment an attitude of “hunkering down” […]

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The X-Files of the Church: Slaying Dragons, Resurrection from the dead, and George

Today is the feast of Saint George, who has a pedigree that will make your head spin with fascination and wonder. He isn’t known as a “wonder worker” per se, but he is attributed in various historical accounts as: slaying a dragon; having resurrected from the dead after having been slain for his conversion; coming […]

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Saint Nicholas has something for Everyone – Even Pawn Brokers

Today’s feast is that of Saint Nicholas, a saint worthy of notice by anyone and everyone. He was a Bishop at the young age of 22. (22!). He is famed with resurrecting people from the dead, including three young boys who had been butchered by their father. He brought wheat to his famine struck area […]

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For University Students: Authentic Common Sense in An Age of Uncommon Nonsense

I just saw an ad for Google TV. It was entitled “Date Night.” The ad featured a man and a woman sitting on a couch together. The perspective of the viewer is seeing the backs of their heads. Both are watching a screen; playing on the screen is an obvious “romance” movie where a woman […]

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Englishing the Liturgy

In presenting background for the 2011 linguistic changes in the Mass, the Wanderer Forum Foundation hopes to initiate a revitalization of faith. While many instructions to the faithful merely concentrate on the change in the words, we hope this background on the Mass explains why the change was needed to safeguard the true teachings of […]

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The Saint behind the Jagermeister Logo is also one of the 14 Holy Helpers

The Jagermeister Logo shows a stag with a cross appearing between its antlers.

Back in the second century, Rome had not yet converted and was yet hostile to Catholics. A General in Emperor Trajan’s army, Placidis (as he was known before his Christening), was known to be a good man who performed good acts. One day, he discovered Him who was behind goodness in the strangest way, which […]

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