From Under the Rubble…Is the the Rule of Law Immoral (Part II)

By Christopher Manion / May 18, 2013 /

Last week we looked at the Catholic Church and its advocacy of legislation granting amnesty to illegal aliens. Archbishop José Gomez of Los Angeles, who leads the Church’s campaign, has condemned the “nativism” and “bigotry” which in his view often motivates the advocates of the rule of law. This is not the first time that…

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From Under the Rubble…Is the Rule of Law Immoral?

By Christopher Manion / May 12, 2013 /

The collapse of legitimacy in Washington continues, and the immigration debate is no exception. The rule of law withers away, while partisans wallow in sentimentalism, with curious consequences: consider the religious leaders who are at the forefront of the pro-amnesty movement. Somehow, they’re on the same side of the issue as big business, the banksters,…

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Footnote 8: Is the Bishops’ Conference Turning the Corner?

By Christopher Manion / November 18, 2012 /

At the annual meeting of the USCCB in Baltimore last week, bishops signaled that the focus on “Social Justice” that has prevailed for several decades might be changing to a focus on teaching the fundamentals of the faith to the faithful.

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A Commentary on the U.S. Catholic Conference

By Stephanie Block / September 28, 2010 /

A Commentary on the U.S. Catholic Conference I. Introduction II. National Religious Partnership for the Environment A. NRPE Background B. NRPE Partners C. NRPE Work III. Environmental Activities Directly Produced by USCC A. USCC Department of Social Justice and World Peace B. Environmental Justice Program IV Environmental Activities and Programs Supported Indirectly through USCC-Associated Organizations…

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